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About our Trust

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Foundation Trust Membership Office:

Tel: 01905 681425
Email: FTOffice@hacw.nhs.uk

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We are applying to become an NHS Foundation Trust. We believe that becoming an NHS Foundation Trust will create new opportunities that will help us to improve the way we involve people in developing and delivering services.

Foundation Trust
Foundation Trust

What is a Foundation Trust?

NHS foundation trusts were created to devolve decision making from central government to local organisations and communities. They provide and develop healthcare according to core NHS principles - free care, based on need and not ability to pay.

As an NHS Foundation Trust we will still be part of the NHS, but a key difference is that people who have an interest in our Trust will have a real say in how we provide community and mental health services.

This will be achieved through members that elect governors to advise and influence the Trust and represent the views of members and their local communities.

What makes NHS Foundation Trusts different from NHS Trusts?

  • they are not directed by Government so have greater freedom to decide, with their governors and members, their own strategy and the way services are run;
  • they can retain their surpluses and borrow to invest in new and improved services for patients and service users; and
  • they are accountable to:
    • their local communities through their members and governors;
    • their commissioners through contracts;
    • Parliament (each foundation trust must lay its annual report and accounts before Parliament);
    • the Care Quality Commission (through the legal requirement to register and meet the associated standards for the quality of care provided); and
    • Monitor through the NHS provider licence.


Why do we want to become a Foundation Trust?

 There are some major advantages to becoming a Foundation Trust:

  1. We will be more accountable to patients, staff and the public. All of whom will have the opportunity to become directly involved in how the Trust is run and the decisions it makes.
  2. We will be able to take advantage of greater freedoms from central government to develop local services in response to a stronger voice from the local community.
  3. The Foundation Trust regime also focuses the organisation on longer term planning ensuring we are viable whilst offering freedoms to invest in developing high quality services.

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Foundation Trust Application
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Interested in becoming a governor of our Trust?

The Foundation Trust will have a Council of Governors comprising 13 Governors elected by public members, 7 elected by staff members and 4 appointed by partner organisations. Members aged 16 and above are entitled to stand for election.

All public and staff members are entitled to vote for individuals standing for election in their respective public sub-constituency or staff class. The first election will take place in 2015. It will be a postal ballot.

Members interested in standing for election to the Council of Governors were invited to Governor Information sessions which were held in July and September 2013. A copy of the presentation to prospective governors can be found here. Further information about the role of governor is also available on the Monitor website which can be viewed at this link

If you wish express your interest in the role of Governor, require further information or have any questions please contact the Membership office on
01905 681425 or email FTOffice@hacw.nhs.uk

Governor Information Sessions - Questions and Answers

Foundation Trust Members Events

Our 2014 programme of Foundation Trust Members Events:
Throughout 2013, we held regular health and information Members’ events which were free to attend for all members. We will continue to hold free events throughout 2014 as they’re becoming increasingly popular, and provide a great opportunity to meet other members, learn about the topics and ask questions.

We vary the topics and welcome any suggestions you may have for future events for 2014 – let us know by contacting the Membership office (click on the 'Contact Us' tab above).

We’ll post regularly here with the forthcoming dates of the Members’ events, and they are also shown in our quarterly newsletter, Membership Matters.  All members and visitors are welcome to attend the events; all we ask is that you call or email us to book your place.

Next event: February 12th 2015 - Topic: Self-help, not Self-harm 
Location: Charles Hastings Education Centre, Worcester.
The event starts at 6.30pm with refreshments available from 6pm.
More information will be issued shortly in the next edition of Membership Matters, which is out early in January

Membership Matters

We produce a quarterly newsletter for our Foundation Trust members called Membership Matters. The newsletter contains information which may be of interest to our members including key events, campaigns and Trust news. Just click on the pictures below to download a particular issue. Click Here for a Schedule of forthcoming newsletters and events. If you are interested in finding our more about becoming a Foundation Trust member, click on the 'Become a Member' tab above.

September 2014:

June 2014:

MM June 2014 Cover

April 2014:

Membership Matters

January 2014:

Membership Matters January 2014

October 2013:

Membership Matters - Oct 2013

July 2013:

Membership Matters - July 2013

April 2013:

Membership Matters - April 2013

January 2013:

Membership Matters - Jan 2013

November 2012:

Membership Matters - Nov 2012

July 2012:

Membership Matters - July 2012

April 2012:

Membership Matters - April 2012

Get in touch:

Email: ftoffice@hacw.nhs.uk
01905 681425
Post: FT Membership Office
Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust
Isaac Maddox House
Shrub Hill Road

Don’t forget to let us know if you move house or change your email address so that we can update our records.