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Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust

Boosting Mood - Calming Anxiety Course


Lifting the Lid! 

The Boosting Mood ~ Calming Anxiety Course takes the lid off why we can sometimes feel anxious, stressed and low in mood. The course guides you through cognitive-behavioural strategies that help you: 

  • Track Your Mood

  • Balance Everyday Activites

  • Look at Your Thinking

  • Face Your Fears

  • Worry Less

  • Be Assertive

  • Use Relaxation

  • Sleep better

  • Set Goals You Can Achieve

The strategies are based on research which shows they are effective in lifting low mood and lowering mild anxiety. When we can fit the pieces together and understand what keeps low mood and anxiety going we can begin to solve the difficulties we are experiencing.

  • Various venues across Worcestershire

  • Various days of the week

  • Various times of day

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The course is for anyone aged 16 and over registered with a GP in Worcestershire.

  • Courses are FREE

  • There are 7 weekly sessions

  • Each session is for 2 hours with a short refreshment break

  • Course leaders are trained and experienced Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners

  • There is no expectation for you to talk about your own personal difficulties

  • You can ask questions and take part in session discussion if you wish

  • Research shows that when you use the strategies between sessions you are more likely to achieve change

  • Resource packs are provided every session

"I’ve really enjoyed the group environment, got a huge amount from the course notes, the sharings of the group. . . very, very helpful".