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Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust

The Recovery And Management (RAM) Group

What is the Recovery And Management (RAM) Group?

The Recovery And Management group is run on a bimonthly basis, and is open to anybody who has previously received treatment from our service and has now been discharged. It aims to provide individuals with a feeling of security, and an avenue to access support for their CFS, without having to be re-referred to the service.
Each session is open, though we do request that you call the service to confirm your attendance beforehand. There is no obligation for you to attend any of the sessions: you may want to attend one or two, or all sessions; this is completely your choice. Some people may find it beneficial to simply be aware of the available support if they did need it. The only requirement of your attendance is that you have previous received care under our service.
You need not be suffering a setback at the time, although this group is perhaps most helpful to those who are. Some people may wish to use the group as a social support session.
All sessions will be run by staff members of the Worcestershire CFS/ME service and are held on the last Wednesday of every other month at Ability House, Worcester.   
Ability House,
St John's Campus,
Henwick Grove,

What happens in the group?

Each session will last for two hours. The first hour will cover one topic relevant to the management of CFS/ME to help you to recap on information and the skills required. This will usually be led by members of the CFS/ME service, but we also invite guest speakers to come and talk about relevant topics. Some of the topics that will be included in sessions, among many more, are;
  • Pacing
  • Sleep hygiene
  • Relaxation
  • Memory & Concentration
  • Diet
  • Graded exercise

  • Thoughts & Feelings
  • Stress management
  • Goal planning
  • Many more
Following this teaching there will be a social support hour, in which you will be able to get a drink, meet with other patients, and with staff. Many people find that the chance to build relationships with others with the diagnosis helps to reduce the isolation they feel as a result of the symptoms. This group aims to provide a safe space for you to do this.
Also, during this time members of the CFS/ME team will be available to answer questions or discuss any queries that you may have regarding your condition or the service.
Your attendance at this session does not mean that you continue to be under the care of the service. If you require more intensive support from us, we will require a re-referral from your GP.
Please note that the support we are able to give during these sessions will be brief and advisory; we will be unable to provide individual treatment sessions at this time. If you require immediate assistance or help, please contact your General Practitioner.

Recovery And Management (RAM) Group Calendar

2017/2018 Group Calendar

Please note that these are provisional bookings and are subject to change.  Please contact us on 01684 612671 to confirm prior to attending. 





28th March 2018 

Ability House, Worcester 


Employment and Benefits
 Judy Jeeves (DWP)
(Guest speaker)


30th May 2018

Ability House, Worcester 


  Travelling with CFS/ME

25th July 2018

Ability House, Worcester 


A Medical Perspective

With Dr Ling 

26th September 2018

Ability House, Worcester 


Rediscovering your identity with a chronic health condition

28th November 2018

Ability House, Worcester 


Stress Management


Further Information

If you would like further information about the CFS/ME Recovery And Management group or are not sure if you are eligible to attend the sessions, please contact the service on 01684 612671. As we are a part-time service, we may be unable to answer your call, so please leave a message with your details and we will get back to you as soon as possible.