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Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust
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Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust is committed to engaging patients/service users, their families and carers, members of the community and local organisations in the planning, development and monitoring of Trust services. The Trust wants to hear the views, opinions and concerns of the community it serves. Involving the community is important because it assists the Trust in making decisions and shaping services to meet the needs and preferences of those who use the services. 
Community Engagement Strategy

The work of the Community Engagement and Patient Involvement Team ensures people and organisations have the opportunity to become involved. The team works in accordance with Department of Health guidelines and seeks to make community involvement clear, accessible and open. Our work is about building relationships, promoting a listening environment and responding to what is said.
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There are many ways we seek to involve members of the community. For example, we hold forums across the county on a regular basis, which provide the opportunity to give and receive information and discuss ideas, developments and issues. We have three such locality forums – one in the North of the County, one in Worcester City and one in the South. Details of these meetings – when we meet, where and the sorts of things we discuss - can be found on these pages and new members are always most welcome.  
If ideas are proposed to potentially develop or change Trust services, we work with those patients and carers who would be affected by any proposed changes, to ensure their ideas, concerns, views and opinions are collated and heard by the decision makers. 
We work to build relationships and develop links with local organisations and arrange forums to encourage discussion and the exchange of ideas. We also undertake community development work with the members of those groups and communities whose voices we seldom hear – for example, children and young people. This work has resulted in the creation of a Children and Young Persons Board. Again, details of this, and how to get involved, are available on these pages.
We carry out our work in many different ways. For example we organise events, working parties and focus groups, and we have engaged in and have facilitated discussions, have conducted interviews, and have undertaken observations, questionnaires and surveys.
If you would like to inform and influence the work of the Trust, please contact us. You may be a patient, a carer, a member of the public or involved in a group or organisation. You may be interested in all our services or only one of them.  Whatever your focus or interest, your voice and your opinion matter to us, and we can offer you lots of ways to become involved.