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Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust
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A stroke can affect a person in many different ways. It occurs as a result of a blockage (blood clot) or haemorrhage (bleed) in the blood vessels of the brain. Every stroke is different and people will be affected in a variety of ways. The effects on the individual will depend on the type of stroke, what part of the brain has been injured and the severity of it. The brain controls how we move, speak, see, understand, think and learn as well as how we feel (sensation). A stroke can therefore affect any of these physical or mental processes. It can also affect someone’s mood and behaviour and they may find it hard to control their emotions.

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The Worcestershire Community Stroke Service is a specialist team which aims to support people who have had a stroke. The service is split into two teams: One covering the north of the county which is based at the Prince of Wales Community Hospital in Bromsgrove and another covering the south of the county, which is based at Pershore Hospital: Contact Us There are two different strands to the service and people can receive either Early Supported Discharge or Advice and Support

Recovering from a stroke/changes to rehabilitation beds: 

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