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I'm anxious about seeing the Dentist

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Dental Anxiety Referral Criteria

What is Anxiety? 

Dental Anxiety can be described as a state of uneasiness and apprehension associated with the dental environment or dental procedures. Dental anxiety can be extremely debilitating as people may avoid attending the dentist for many years.

The Adult Dental Health Survey 2009 identified over a third of adult patients (36%) suffered with moderate dental anxiety and 12% of adults have extreme dental anxiety, also known as dental phobia.

The mere thought of seeing a dentist can result in unpleasant symptoms of sweating and trembling. Some people feel nauseous and may feel panicky in the dental surgery.

People with a dental phobia will avoid dental care at all costs. Phobic patients may ‘suffer in silence’ with toothache for long periods of time. Their phobia may cause them to feel shame and embarrassment which may impact on social and work relationships.

Anxiety may be triggered by associations with the smell of the dental surgery, the sound of the dental drill or the sight of an injection. Many more triggers exist. 

Our Dental Team is here to support people who are anxious about dental care.

Who is it for?

This is for patients who live in Worcestershire who are anxious about undergoing routine NHS dental treatment.

How do I to book an appointment?

Your regular dentist or doctor will need to make a referral. You cannot initially contact the clinic and book an appointment yourself.

If you are a dentist or doctor looking to refer your patient please click here to access a referral criteria and the referral form.

Where are the clinics?

The dedicated clinic is based in Malvern. By having one location for this service the whole team can focus on looking after the anxious dental patient.

Malvern Dental Anxiety Management Service
Osborne Road
WR14 1JE
Tel: 01684 612754

Who will I see and what will happen at the clinic?

Our team know that some patients are very anxious; the whole team will help to make you feel more comfortable. The team are trained in techniques to help patients accept routine dental care.

Once you have received dental care you will be discharged back to your dentist for on-going care. Your dentist will be informed of the care we carried out.

How will the treatment be carried out?  

This will depend on a number of factors. We provide:

  • Behaviour Management      

  • Inhalation sedation    

  • Intravenous sedation 

Will I have to pay?

You will have to pay NHS dental fees, unless you are exempt from fees.

Click here to find out more about NHS dental fees and to see if you may be entitled to free dental care.