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Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust

Liverpool Care Pathway - Our Response

Worcestershire Health and Care Trust (WHCT) acknowledges that the motivation to develop and use the Liverpool Care Pathway (LCP), both locally and nationally, was the desire to ensure that the care of all people at the end of their lives was equal to the best. WHCT, alongside most Hospices and most NHS Trusts in the UK, has used the LCP when caring for people at the end of their lives and believes it’s staff used the document appropriately to assist in providing excellent care. Staff have also strived to care for the relatives of people who are dying with compassion and sensitivity. The Trust has for some time asked for feedback from relatives who have lost loved ones about their experiences of the care our staff have provided both for them and for their loved ones. We will continue to do so and learn and adapt in response to this feedback. We also professionally review how well we perform in relation to the both treatment we give to people at the end of their life and how we communicate with family members.

Notwithstanding the above, WHCT accepts the decision of the review panel that public concern and confidence in the LCP is such that continued use would be inappropriate. The Trust however will continue as previously to strive to provide patients excellent care at the end of their lives and treat all people as individuals.