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Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust
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During February and March 2016, a series of workshops were held to begin the re-design of Adult Secondary Care Mental Health services.  The re-design was necessary to meet a range of financial challenges that required savings of £1,880,412 from the adult mental health service budget. 

After three workshops, five clear, recurrent themes emerged that focused on the future structure of services.  The five recurrent themes were as follows:

  • Reduced in patient acute wards with facilities to be centralised or provided north and south
  • In patient wards with a clear function to provide both intensive triage/assessment and treatment for the acutely mentally ill
  • Alternative provision in the form of locally available crisis beds or safe houses and recovery/rehab focussed step down
  • Increased and improved home treatment provision to care for more people in their own home
  • Specialist community mental health teams with a clear function and remit to provide services to patients with serious mental illness

A number of wider themes detailed how these services should be delivered to secure a good patient experience.  These themes were as follows:

  • Peer support workers across all services
  • Better links and integration within services and with partners
  • Caseload reviews of affected services
  • More information provided to patients and carers
  • Greater involvement of patients and carers
  • Improved access, admission and discharge
  • Drop-in centres

At a fourth workshop the themes were explored for their strengths and weaknesses, and solutions were proposed where challenges were identified. 

This process secured lots of ideas, which are now being used to develop some clear options.  Those involved in this option development include Trust clinicians, consultants and operational leads who will ensure the options reflect the themes, that they are clinically effective and safe, and that they allow us to make the necessary savings.  This work will be on-going through April and May 2016.

The options will need to be reviewed and considered by a number of Trust groups and committees during June.  The aim is to then enter into a full public consultation from the beginning of July (we are not able to commence consultation until post local elections and the forthcoming EU Referendum due to national guidelines known as purdah).

At this point, the options will be presented to patients, their carers and the wider community for consideration, and by gathering their views and opinions it will be possible to establish the preferred options and the future structure of secondary mental health services.  The outcome of the consultation will then be widely communicated with implementation likely to start in November 2016.

If you have any questions or queries regarding the above, please contact Jane Thomas, Head of Community Engagement and Patient Involvement on 01905 733827 or at Jane.thomas30@nhs.net .