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SHAPE stands for ‘Supporting Health And Promoting Exercise’ which is what this 12 week programme is aiming to do. SHAPE has been designed for young people with psychosis and bipolar disorder under the care of Worcestershire EI Service and South Worcestershire Recovery Service wanting to get fitter and healthier. SHAPE aims to help young people maintain or lose weight, stop smoking, start exercising and introduce healthier eating and to support young people to achieve personal health goals.

SHAPE Update August 2017

What will SHAPE offer?

  • A physical health “MOT” to assess general wellbeing and physical health and set goals to improve these.  

  • Weekly monitoring of fitness, weight and goals and a repeat physical health review at 3 and 12 months.  

  • Opportunity to join a similar group of young people who also want to get fitter and healthier and support and motivate each other with personal health goals.

  • Weekly group exercise sessions to try circuit training, weight training, aerobics, cross-training, badminton, basketball, walking, yoga, tai chi and pilates. 

  • Nutrition and diet advice to introduce healthy eating. 

  • Smoking cessation advice and drug and alcohol advice. 

  • Mindfulness and relaxation training.

How will SHAPE help?

  • To introduce exercise and lifestyle changes.

  • Introductions to other young people who also want to get fitter and healthier to provide support and friendship. 

  • Provide access to a state of the art gym and exercise suite and personal health trainers in a safe exclusive environment.  

  • Advice on how to make diet changes and learn about healthier eating 

  • Assist with weight loss and prevent weight gain (which can often happen when on anti-psychotic medication and an inactive lifestyle).  

  • Boost self-esteem, mood, sleep quality and energy levels, as well as reducing stress and depression. 

  • Assist with reducing and stopping tobacco smoking and substance use.

For more information contact: Marie Band on: 01905 734536 (South EI Service) or Lisa Carr on: 01527 488200 (North EI Service)


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