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Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust
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From Monday 20th March to Friday 24th March, we will be joining other agencies across the country for this event.

The aim of the week is

  • To raise the profile of improving Patient , Carer and Staff Experience and Experience of Care for all.
  • To promote an inclusive approach to improving experiences of care.
  • To support improvements in experiences of care in provider and commissioning organisations.
  • To provide support for Patient Experience and Staff Experience Leads to highlight and influence improvements in experiences of care with a range of stakeholders.
  • To generate interest in experiences of care at a national level using social media and other communication approaches

SDU Compliments

Community Care South

District Nursing, North East Cluster, Barbourne

Thank you for the care you gave to dad, not just in the last 6 days of his life but for every visit since 2013.  Dad always gave your team praise for the manner in which he was shown respect and treated with kindness.  As a family we are so thankful for the support, advise and kindness you showed us.  Your professionalism and compassion helped us through. 

Community Care North

Primrose Unit - POWCH

Massive thank you to all staff who enabled patient & family to celebrate xmas which without the team would not have been possible, acknowledging that that the team have gone above & beyond the call of duty, & they will never forgot how very much they felt part of our family.

Adult Mental Health


CARS North

You are incredibly helpful to all of us. We couldn’t function half as well without your support . You help to sort out day to day stuff on top of your scheduled tasks; all done with a smile and cheerful chat. It is impressive how well you cope with difficult patients, having the patience to do so many different tasks is a skill. Thank you, so very much for looking after us.

Children, Young People and Families

Orchard Service            

The Orchard nurses have always been there to assist us when we need help with his bandage changes or liaising with other public services.  They are simply brilliant and a good example of the great work done by the NHS.

Specialist Dental


Worcester Dental Access Centre            .

I am so thankful this service is available to us.  I rely on this care, due to having MS, making my life more normal.  There is nothing like having good, comfortable teeth care.  My dentist and their nurse are marvellous at achieving this. They're skill is brilliant, especially when taking into consideration a lack of surgery equipment.  Please let this marvellous service continue

Specialist Sexual


Smallwood House           

Ideal surroundings totally reassuring team of nurses who make you feel at ease about anything.

Learning Disabilities


Osborne Court           

I have been so grateful not only for the care offered but even more importantly knowing there was someone to turn to in an emergency.

Patient experience initiative examples

Below are some examples of patient experience initiatives that support the Trust Value and Responsive Quality Aim. If you have an example that you would like to be shared contact: naomi.seers@nhs.net
  • Monthly healthy lifestyle sessions offered in the Learning Disability Service
  • Early Intervention Dementia Service are holding patient forums and offering a questionnaire to patients and carers to gain further understanding of experiences of the service.
  • FFT Champions have been identified and are continuing to support the increase in feedback from FFT
  • Early Onset Dementia service have set up a support group for patients, carers and family members
  • John’s Campaign is being rolled out across all Community Hospitals – John’s Campaign focuses on supporting carers and welcoming their input
  • The Trust held its first patient experience event – “Small Changes, Big Difference – Improving Patient and Carer Feedback
  • Staff at Timberdine held an Afternoon Tea Event for patients and family members
  • Work is underway with external stakeholders to look at options for increasing mechanisms for collecting feedback
  • The Trust has developed a patient experience database called I Experience  which allows themes to be identified and outcomes captured
  • Development of a Crisis Intervention App allowing patients to easily access contact details for support
  • Changes being made to the Internet to make it more user friendly for the public


Comments from FFT


  • Malvern Physio - Never kept waiting for more than 10 minutes for appointments.  Staff very friendly and helpful.  Everything explained clearly
  • Abbott Ward - All the staff were very kind and nothing was too much trouble
  • Worcester City Proactive Care Team - More than happy with care which is excellent.  Staff respectful, worth their weight in gold!



  • R&B Community LD - The community nurse has been very helpful and kind
  • Worcester and Droitwich Community LD - The care worker explained everything well and listened to my needs.  she gave good clear information and guidance
  • Wyre Forest Community LD -It gave us useful information to help us plan better for the future




  • Paediatric OT Wyre Forest - I felt welcomed, enjoyed seeing the results of the work in my daughter and the atmosphere was relaxing, homely etc which made you look forward to the next time
  • Redditch and Bromsgrove Child Development Centre - My son is always so happy to come here - he looks forward to it because of the lovely people who work here.  He also really benefits from the time here due to the dedication of the staff
  • Orchard Service - The whole team are just brilliant.  No one wants to get a sick baby/child that needs the care of community nurses but unfortunately people do and you would not find a nicer, more caring, friendly team to come into your home.  Thank you Orchards



  • New Opportunities - Genuine, caring, nurturing environment.  Staff make you feel really welcome.  Refreshing approach to assisting recovery
  • Mental Health Liaison - I was made to feel safe and comfortable.  Staff were easy to talk to and very approachable
  • Worcestershire Healthy Minds - I was able to express myself without feeling stupid.  I left feeling more confident about certain things that were weighing me down.
  • Hillcrest Ward - They have without any doubt given my life back and made me better in myself.



  • MIU POWCH - Was seen very quickly considering how many people were waiting.  The nurse was very efficient and thorough.  She was also pleasant and had a way of making you feel less stressed and very confident in the diagnosis and treatment
  • Parkinson’s Disease Specialist Nurse - I was quite shocked and frightened when first diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, but now I know there is excellent help and support available I feel much more hopeful and optimistic
  • Physio POWCH - Very efficient, appointments on time and prompt.  Friendly staff.  Fantastic service
  • Meadow Ward - All so kind and caring and focused on the individuals. Thank you.



  • John Anthony Centre - The staff were so polite, made me feel relaxed and able to explain how I felt and what I thought my symptoms were. I was reasurred at all times and all tests available were offered. Thank you so much.
  • Moor Street Dental - My son age 13 had severe anxiety about having a tooth removed for his braces.  The staff at Moor Street Worcester were fantastic with him
  • Hereford Sexual Health  - I was able to get an appointment really quickly.  Staff were friendly and informative.  Procedures were quick and I was well looked after
  • Kidderminster Dental - The speed in which I was dealt with friendly atmosphere and essential service.