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Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust

What would you....

Ask an Alien title
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This Spring the Get Worcestershire Talking campaign is expanding its horizons...

Help us to...

Get the Galaxy Talking

by joining our space themed competition!





Learning to understand and ask questions is a really important skill that children need to learn so that they can join in conversations and find out about the world around them. That is why we are launching our Ask and Alien competition. Just think of a great question to Ask an Alien and send it to us. Our favourite question will win a fantastic prize for our winner's pre-school setting.


You can download a flyer with more information here.

Ask an Alien Flyer

Question words are tricky! Children often know you are asking a question but don't know what specific information you want. Teaching the meaning of specific question words can really help.

 You can download a complete application form here. Just find the entry form with the question word you want to use, write down the child's question and send it to us by 20th June. We can't wait to read them!

WHAT entry form

Ask an alien what form

WHO entry form

Ask an Alien Who form

WHEN entry form

Ask an Alien when form

WHERE entry form

Ask an alien where form
Ask an alien Nursery narrative

                   What can you win?!
The question we like the best will win some great prizes for the pre-school setting who submitted it. The winning setting will get:

  • A visit from ASTL our very own friendly alien!

  • The brand new Nursery Narrative pack hot off the press from Black Sheep Press
  • A training session in the narrative approach for your staff


We LOVE the Black Sheep Narrative resources! Find out more about them from their website.

Get the galaxy talking

Using a sign to support a question word can help children to remember the difference between the words and understand what they mean.

You can watch a short video here of ASTL our friendly alien showing you the signs you need!


To celebrate our Ask an Alien competition we have some special phonics resources below. If you want to know more about the Year 1 Phonics screen then look at this presentation from our friends at Panda Education here

Reading Alien Words

Alien words reading

Spelling Alien Words

Alien spelling

Sorting alien and real words

Alien Vs real words