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Every mainstream school in Worcestershire has the opportunity to identify a Communication TA who will act as a resource for colleagues in delivering small group targeted intervention for children with speech, language and communication needs. Some larger schools have identified more than one TA to take on this role. Over 250 Communication TAs have now registered be part of this FREE programme

Registered Communication TAs can access a termly cluster meeting in their area which will include support free training on an aspect of targeted intervention.  

For more information about the Communication TA scheme please click here.


The Communication TA scheme is FREE for Worcestershire schools but you do need to register!

All Communication TAs are required to register each academic year and the registration form for the academic year 2016/7 is below:

Communication TA

Supporting Children with Speech, Language and Communication Needs in Mainstream Schools


  Registration form for 2016/7 

Registration Form
We will use this email to notify you of each term's event so please make sure this is up to date for each TA being registered.
Communication TA Spring 17 flyer

Our Spring term cluster meetings are taking place in February and March and our focus will be understanding and using Information Carrying Words to develop children's understanding.  Cluster co-ordinators will also be at each meeting to give an update on all the exciting things happening in the service this term! Download the Spring term flyer here to check the arrangements for your cluster meeting. There have been some changes in venues so do check! Don't forget - if you are unable to attend your usual cluster meeting then you are very welcome to attend a more convenient one. You don't need to book - all registered Communication TAs are welcome!

Here are the presentations from Spring 2017 Cluster meetings:

Comm TA spring 17 update
Comm TA Spring 2017 Primary
Comm TA Spring term Secondary

Download some ICW activities
for food here

 Exam advice from the National Autistic Society here

Find symbols for exam

vocabulary here

Here are our all the presentations from the Autumn term's cluster meetings!

Communciation TA update Autumn 16
Comm TA listening
Comm TA listening secondary

Presentations from 2015/6

Communication TA update Summer 16
Spring 16 Communication TA Update
Communication TA Social Skills
Communication TA Social skills secondary

 The Spring term's cluster meetings focused on supporting children who have difficulties with social skills.

There are lots of resources to support pupils with social skills on our resources page.

You can access them here.

who to include in social skills group

Group cohesion activity - Seaside Story

Seaside story

Those of you who attended the Spring cluster meetings probably got the chance to take part in a highly entertaining group cohesion activity!

Lots of people have requested it so they can try it back in school, so here it is for you to download.

 Have fun and do let us know how you get on!

Talking Matters is our training initiative specifically aimed at giving staff the knowledge and skills they need to provide targeted intervention for children with communication difficulties. Did you know that registered Communication TAs get a £5 reduction on each place? Click on the Talking Matters logo to see what workshops we are running this year:

Talking Matters logo