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Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust


What is WINRS?

• A specialist service based in the community for people living with neurological conditions

• A person-centred approach to problem solving that aims to maximise quality of life and independence

• Advice information and support for people affected by long term neurological conditions

• Collaboration with other professionals to achieve coordinated care and the best possible outcomes.


The WINRS team includes:

• Consultant Physician in Rehabilitation Medicine

• Consultant Neuropsychologist

• Nurse Consultant and Specialist Nurse in Complex Physical Disabilities

• Multiple Sclerosis Specialist Nurses

• Parkinson’s Disease Specialist Nurses

• Acquired Brain Injury Team

• Chronic Fatigue Service

• Specialist Speech and Language Therapists

• Specialist Physiotherapists

• Specialist Occupational Therapists

• Rehabilitation Assistants.

Living with a brain injury

Neuropsychology falls under Worcestershire Integrated Neurological Rehabilitation Service (WINRS).

Neuropsychology tries to understand how the brain affects what we do and how injury to the brain changes what we do. Neuropsychologists assess a person’s abilities after injury to find out what those changes might be.

These assessments aim to guide general rehabilitation interventions, therapy and provide advice on strategies. The therapy or rehabilitation offered is based on the patient’s identified needs and goals and may also focus on the management of emotional problems or behavioural problems as well as development of awareness and acceptance of deficits caused by injury.

Advice, training and support are offered to carers, parents or staff involved with people who have ‘challenging’ behaviours and people who experience a range of problems as a result of brain injury.


Our criteria for referral is:

• People aged 16 years or over, who live in Worcestershire

• People who have had an acquired brain injury as a result of a range of neurological events such as stroke, head injury, encephalitis and other neurological infections, hypoxia, brain tumour or haemorrhage.

Exclusion criteria:

• Aged under 16 years

• Physical disability with no head injury

• Learning disabilities

• Neuro-degenerative disorders (e.g. MS, MND Parkinson’s, etc.)

• History of drug / alcohol abuse.

Contact us:

Consultant Neuropsychologist (from End of June 2017)
Dr Amanda Mobley
Wulstan Unit
Newtown Hospital

Telephone: 01905 733252 (direct line)
01905 760385 (Psychology office)
Fax: 01905 769813

Normal Office Hours:

Monday / Tuesday / Thursday: 9.00am to 5.00pm (Answer phone available when staff are out of the office)


What we offer:

If it is appropriate, full neuropsychological assessment of abilities after brain injury can be used to examine:

• memory

• attention

• visual skills

• speed of thinking

• language abilities

• higher brain skills including planning, decision making etc.

• general intelligence.

A variety of psychological techniques and therapies including:


• working with families and carers

• brief solution-focused therapy

• clinical hypnosis

To help with:

• adjustment and insight issues

• depression

• anxiety

• post trauma stress

• panic with/without agoraphobia

• challenging behaviour

• anger management

• pain management.

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community neuro rehabilitation wyre forest

Leaflets available to download