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Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust

Community Care South

Adult Speech & Language Therapy 
Countywide assessment, case management, treatment , carer support, education & training services in the Acute and Community Hospitals, Community Outpatient clinics, Domiciliary, Specialist teams, Rehab and Stroke Units, etc.

Chronic Fatigue
They can make a positive difference with their knowledge of the condition and ability to explain and advise on the management of difficult symptoms. The can also identify other supporting services and link in with a multidisciplinary team. 

Community Hospitals:

Evesham Community Hospital 

Malvern Community Hospital

Pershore Hospital

Tenbury Community Hospital

Worcester City Inpatient Unit

Community Stroke and Stroke Rehabilitation
The Worcestershire Community Stroke Service is a specialist team which aims to support people who have had a stroke. 

District Nursing
Worcester North East, Worcester North West, Worcester Central, Droitwich/Ombersley, Evesham, Pershore, 
Malvern Cluster and Tenbury 

Enhanced Care Team
Enhanced care is a concept which brings together services uniquely commissioned to respond quickly and from a multi professional holistic assessment perspective.  If the referrer feels an urgent response is needed we can respond within 2 hours of a referral being received. 

Broadly our aims are: to prevent an admission to a hospital setting, both acute and community hospitals, to reduce attendance at emergency departments for non urgent care, to reduce ambulance call outs to patients without an emergency need, to provide a point of advice and support for patients and carers 24 hours a day and to support patients to return home much earlier from any hospital.  

Minor Injuries Units (MIUs)
Patients with a wide range of minor injuries including cuts, grazes, wounds, sprains, strains, minor burns and broken bones can be treated at MIUs at Evesham, Malvern or Tenbury.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Specialist Nurses
They can make a positive difference with their knowledge of symptom relief, assisting in making choices, identifying other supporting services and linking in with a multi-disciplinary team. 

Worcestershire Integrated Neurological Rehabilitation Service (WINRS) is a specialist service with people in the community setting, which strives to maximize functional independence by promoting self management, with the overall aim to enhance the individuals’ quality of life. 


Neuro-psychology tries to understand how the brain affects what we do and how injury to the brain changes what we do.

Occupational Therapy
Work with you and your family or carers to identify any areas of difficulty with daily living tasks - including washing, dressing, cooking and getting on and off your bed, toilet and chair.

Older Adult In-Reach To Care Homes Team
Referrals can only be made via the Community Mental Health Teams and the service currently only covers the south of the county.


Palliative Care
The specialist palliative care team within the Trust works closely with all other professionals involved in end of life care. The service includes specialist community support together with inpatient units at The Primrose at the Princess Unit, Princess of Wales Community Hospital Bromsgrove and The Macmillan Unit at Evesham Community Hospital. Our aim is to offer advice in the management of complex symptoms and offer emotional support to the patient and their family.

Physiotherapy Domiciliary 
This service treats people in their own home. Patients may have a musculo-skeletal or neurological/ long term condition or may be post surgical and are housebound by their condition. The priority is to work as part of a MDT to rehabilitate and gain optimum improvement in function, to keep patient independent and safe at home.

Physiotherapy Musculo-Skeletal 
This service treats people with musculo-skeletal conditions including Low Back Pain, neck pain, osteoarthritis sports injuries and post surgical conditions. The priority is to rehabilitate patients back to full function.

Podiatry Service
This service aims to provide high quality accessible foot health services for the people of Worcestershire.

Stroke Rehabilitation Ward, Evesham Community Hospital

If you need further inpatient support to help you recover from a stroke you will be admitted to our specialist beds at Evesham Community Hospital. Here you can expect a comprehensive service from our expert and dedicated team with tailored visiting times. Our rehab beds are supported by the Stroke Association and Worcestershire Association of Carers who will provide support and advice to patients and families/carers.


Worcestershire Acute Trust Service.

Service Lead: 

Mel Roberts, Community Care Service Delivery Unit Lead

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