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Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust

Integrated Sexual Health Services



Genito Urinary Medicine (GUM) is a free, confidential and accessible service for the prevention, treatment and control of sexually acquired infections (SAIs) including HIV and other genital conditions. The service offers holistic sensitive, considerate and non-judgmental care that is be particularly attractive to all people and those with specialist sexual health needs, including young people, men who have sex with men, people with HIV and commercial sex workers.

There are three GUM services in Worcestershire. The Arrowside unit at the Alexandra hospital in Redditch, the John Anthony Centre on Newtown Road in Worcester and Kidderminster Sexual Health at Kidderminster Health



We provide a county wide specialist contraception and sexual health service which is provided through open access clinics based across Worcestershire in a variety of locations. Domiciliary home visiting is also available.

The service also provides specialist education and training to nurses, GP's and allied healthcare professionals.

This is a free and confidential service that allows the control of fertility and freedom from disorders which would otherwise compromise reproductive health. The service offers sensitive, considerate and non-judgmental care which aims to meet the needs of the County population including young people, minority groups and those with specialist contraceptive reproductive health care needs.


Time 4U

Time 4U is a confidential, accessible sexual health service for young people. The service has been set up in areas of the County that are currently or have been teenage pregnancy hotspots and in areas where there were no accessible sexual health services for young people.

The Sexual Health Service supports a Time 4U Outreach Service for vulnerable young people and 25 Time 4U services throughout Worcestershire, all of which are delivered in partnership with other young people's services and have been set up following local needs assessment and consultation with communities and young people.

Pregnancy Advisory Service

The Sexual Health service provides a pregnancy advisory service which is accessible to women with unintended pregnancies to support them with decision making on how and to progress with the pregnancy. Where relevant the service is delivered in accordance with the Abortion Act 1967 and subsequent amendments.

Pregnancy advisory is a non-judgmental service which respects the dignity, privacy, confidentiality and individual choice of each woman. The PAS service provides: pregnancy diagnosis, pregnancy consultation, medical assessment, Induced abortion at contracted clinic, post abortion assessment and counselling where required,

We provide a service which addresses the emotional needs of both the woman and her partner, as necessary through counselling and referral to other services when appropriate.



A community based, patient centred, local anaesthetic, vasectomy service which utilises the skills of consultant surgeons, GPs with special interests and sexual health doctors and nurses.



The Chlamydia Screening Programme is a free, confidential and accessible service that provides opportunistic screening and treatment of uncomplicated Chlamydia trachomatis infection for 15-24 year olds.The service offers sensitive, considerate and non-judgmental care. Chlamydia is detected by taking an easy test. This is either a urine sample for men and women or a self taken vaginal swab for women. There is no need to be examined by a health professional. For more information about the Chlamydia Screening Programme please click here or visit www.dontpassiton.co.uk



The Sexual Health Education team provide professional development for staff working with young and vulnerable people, to deliver comprehensive sex and relationship education (SRE) and information about sexual health and promote positive messages about sexual health and local services.

The team deliver SRE directly to groups who are identified as being particularly vulnerable or engaging in risky behaviour. Please see our latest training brochure for further information: Training Brochure

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