Welcome to Athelon Ward

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Our Older Adult Mental Health wards are for people over the age of 65 with mental health needs, and younger people who are experiencing difficulties with their thinking, behaviour or communication which may be due to dementia.

How to Contact Us

Main Telephone Number: 01905 681 404

Location: Athelon Ward, Elgar Unit, Newtown Hospital, Worcester, WR5 1JG

Matron: Alex Patrick

Welcome to Athelon Ward

Your Stay

Your stay in hospital will be as short as possible and we maintain links with your community team to ensure that your needs are met by the most appropriate team. Our main aims are to help you:

  • Improve your health & wellbeing
  • Increase your confidence & independence in your day to day living skills
  • It is expected that from your first contact, and throughout your treatment, staff will remain welcoming, friendly and professional at all times.

 Patients in our care will feel:

  • Safe
  • Supported
  • Valued
  • Looked after

While in our care patients will be looked after by staff who are skilled to deliver the right response to support recovery and wellbeing

Visiting Times

Athelon Ward has open visiting hours

Car Parking

Vistors will need to park in the Worcestershire Royal Hospital car park. There is both a 'pay on foot' and a 'pay and display' car park charging system. The 'pay on foot' payment system means that you will be given a ticket at the barrier as you enter the car park. When you leave the hospital please use one of the pay machines to pay the charge and have the ticket validated. Pay machines are situated inside the main entrance, inside A&E and in each main car park. 

The pay and display machines are located at road side spaces and smaller car parking areas that are not barrier controlled.  The pay and display pay stations only accept the following coins: £1, 50p, 20p and 10p. Please obtain a ticket before you leave your car and ensure that it is clearly displayed on you dash board or window.

Please note that these machines do not give change.

We have introduced a 'one hour' car park rate as a response to patients and visitors who told us that their visits are often for no longer than an hour and they would like the option of a reduced fee.

  • Up to one hour: £2.50
  • 1-2 hours: £3.70
  • 2-4 hours: £4.50
  • 4-6 hours: £6.00
  • 6-24 hours: £7.50

Parking for Disabled Patients and Visitors

There are designated spaces outside the main entrance, on the access road leading to A&E. Parking is free for Blue Badge holders.