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The Moodmaster programme aims to provide a range of simple tools and techniques to help attendees manage life's emotional ups and downs more effectively, cope better with everyday stresses and worries and improve their overall quality of life. 

Around 1 in 4 people each year will experience problems such as stress, anxiety and low mood. Each week the Moodmaster sessions will focus on a different topic and provide simple coping skills that can be put into practice. Topics include sleep, worry, relaxation, dealing with stress, problem solving and friendships. 

Moodmasters feedback

MoodMaster provides weekly sessions lasting an hour or so, in which you can hear really good information about emotional and physical health. If you think of MoodMaster being to emotional health what Weight Watchers is to weight control, you won’t be far wrong.

Isn’t that a bit ‘heavy’?
Not at all. Sessions are designed to be interesting and relevant, and they are meant to be fun too.

What exactly happens at a MoodMaster session?
Firstly you have a special form to rate how things have been during the week. Then, people who want to,say what they’ve learned during the week. Then the group leader reads out the information on then week’s topic. Finally she gives you the information sheet for you to take away and act on over the next week.

You talk about ‘physical and emotional wellbeing’,but isn’t it mainly about emotional things?
Yes, it is, although the two are very linked. For instance, exercise is very important in stopping depression.

So do I have to have ‘emotional problems’ to come?
Certainly not. You may do, but you certainly don’t have to. 

I think it’s my friend or relative who should really come. What about that?
You can see if you can persuade them to come, or you can come on their behalf and pass on the information.

Where are the sessions held? 
Sessions are held in Bromsgrove, Redditch, Malvern, Worcester, Evesham, and Kidderminster.

How much does it cost? 
MoodMaster sessions are completelyfree of charge.