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Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust
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Who are we: 

Ross Golightly (RNLD)
Learning Disability Acute Health Liaison Nurse - Tel: 07864606331

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Health Checkers Leaflet 

Easy Read Report Response to the CIPOLD Report

Confidential Enquiry into the Premature Deaths of People with a Learning Disability

What do the Acute Liaison Nurses do? 

  • We use your GP register to ensure your patients have an alert on Oasis
  • ( Hospital Management system). This means that the acute liaison nurses receive a text message as soon as someone with a learning disability is admitted to ensure a prompt service.
  • Helping people with a learning disability better understand their health needs and treatment.

  • Gathering and passing on vital information about individual care needs utilising the 'My hospital booklet ' and ensuring reasonable adjustments are made.

  • Advocating for people with a learning disability in helping with the capacity, consent, best interests and actively adhering to the mental capacity act.

  • Linking with ward based Acute staff and other providers to ensure a seamless service through admission, treatment and discharge.

  • Improving patient experience and the experiences of those supporting, helping to understand treatment options and being prepared properly for pending treatments.

  • Identify and train key staff in each ward and department within the Acute trust in being a learning disability champions.

  • Offering and completing training both about individual patient issues and formally in induction training, 5 key messages in five minutes to staff working directly with a patient and ward based learning disability champions.

  • Provide an annual training day for the learning disability champions.

  • Provide patient stories and present to the board for awareness raising.

  • Complete an annual report which is submitted to the Acute Trust board.

  • Evaluating our service through questionnaire feedback via the post, direct telephone contact and hospaedia.

  • Provide Easy Read information in departments.

  • Provide the Acute Trust with access to our website which includes Team items that have been presented on Communications through their Acute Trust daily brief.
  • Ensuring that people with a learning disability receive prompt and appropriate treatment and remain safe.

My Hospital Book
Patient Stories
Ross Go Lightly

Ross Golightly (RNLD)
Learning Disability Acute Health Liaison Nurse
Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust
Tel: 07864606331