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Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust
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Peer Support is based on the valuing of life experiences, of having lived experience and coping with the challenges of life.

The Mental Health Peer Support Workers are currently based on Holt Ward and offer support by sharing ideas and skills they have learnt through their own journey of recovery. As Peer Support Workers, their goal is to give others inspiration and know that there is HOPE, focussing on what is STRONG, not what is wrong

Peer Support maybe helpful to you when:

  • You are recovering from a mental health difficulty.
  • You feel stuck in your recovery
  • You are having difficulties planning your future.
  • You struggle to cope with life events
  • You are in transition e.g. leaving hospital, going back home or moving on to a recovery unit.


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Peer Support: A Shared Journey http://www.institutemh.org.uk/-education-/peer-support  Brief film from Institute of Mental health featuring Worcestershire Peer Support workers.