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Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust
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The Umbrella Pathway (Neuro-Developmental Assessment) has been developed to provide an assessment,  process for all children and young people presenting with neuro-developmental disorders which may be due to Autism Spectrum conditions (not ADHD)The Umbrella Pathway is managed within the Community Paediatric Department.

The pathway provides a multidisciplinary and multi-professional service with a clear entry point, an assessment process, diagnostic pathway and management plans and support for children and young people. A final report including a diagnosis or recommendations if a diagnosis is not made will be produced. Information for ongoing support will be provided, however children and young people who have no other diagnosis will be discharged from the Community Paediatrics Team.  

Please note;

  • All referrals to the Umbrella Pathway must include evidence that an early help and/or graduated approach response has been considered and implemented over time in relation to the presenting difficulties and needs of the child, rather than an assumption that ASD is the cause.
  • Referrals which do not demonstrate the above and/or do not include significant evidence indicating the likelihood of ASD will not be accepted for assessment on the pathway.
  • Referrals to the Umbrella Pathway should only be accepted if made or supported by professionals who are involved in the assessment pathway. In some cases this will mean that a potential referrer to Umbrella under the current process would instead need to refer to a single professional group or service in the first instance.