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Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust

Patient Information

This page aims to provide useful information to our current patients, as well as those that have been through the service and have now been discharged.  

Worksheets and resources

Below are worksheets and resources that will be helpful to use during your treatment with the service, along with the contuining management of CFS/ME.  

Recovery And Management Group

CFS/ME is a chronic condition.  Therefore, even after treatment is completed and great improvements are made, there may be a time when some extra support or advice couldbe helpful.
Additional life stresses, illness, or falling back into old habits can happen to anybody, and may cause a setback in your CFS/ME symptoms. This can be a scary time, often made worse by a lack of support or not knowing where to turn.
If you have already progressed through our service and have now been discharged, you are invited to attend our Recovery And Management (RAM) Group.
If you have already progressed through our service, please click the link above for further information