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Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust

Who Are We?

The CFS/ME Service

We are a specialist part-time service that delivers support and treatment to people with CFS/ME within community settings across Worcestershire.  
CFS/ME affects the whole person, from the physical symptoms, emotional wellbeing, the ability to function in employment, education, and with friends and family, etc. For this reason, we work as a multi-disiplinary team. The service is currently made up of Occupational Therapy and Psychology.
As a service we aim to maximise functional independence by promoting self-management, with the overall aim to enhance the individual's quality of life.  
CFS Team

Our referral criteria

For a referral to be accepted by the service the patient must;  
  • Have a confirmed diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) by our specialist consultants.
  • Require specialist intervention for their CFS/ME symptoms.
  • Have a GP practice located within Worcestershire.
  • Be over 18 years of age.  
Re-referrals made by a GP will be accepted providing diagnosis by our specialist consultants was made within the last 10 years. If this is exceeded, a review of the diagnosis is required.
Referrals to our consultants for a confirmation of the diagnosis should be forwarded to Dr M Roberts, Specialist Consultant in Infectious Diseases, at Worcester Royal Hospital.  

Our treatment programme

Once a referral has been accepted, all patients are invited to attend an two-part initial information session in Worcester. This is a chance for us to introduce our service, let our patients know what we can offer and to provide some basic information about the condition and small changes that you can make to start improving symptoms. A family member or friend is also welcome to attend.
Following the information session, an individual assessment with an Occupational Therapist is provided to further our understanding of the patient's difficulties and needs, and the ways in which our service can help.  
The main aspect of our treatment is our Managing Lifestyles Group programme. This offers patients the opportunity to learn more about the ways in which they can manage their condition, with the aim of improving functional independence and quality of life. The group teaches skills in sleep management, pacing, relaxation and mindfulness, and communication, as well as many further topics. We find that the majority of our patients benefit greatly from this programme and particularly find that meeting and building relationships with other group members helps to reduce the isolation that is so commonly felt as a result of the condition.
Further involvement from psychology can be provided if deemed necessary and appropriate by the service.  

What our patients say:

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