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Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust
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The Trust’s Community Engagement Team set up a Youth Board following a consultation in June 2013. Since then it has evolved into something that recognises itself as a voice for young people around the design and redesign of Trust services that affect them. 

What We do:  

Youth Board have been successful in enabling Trust to draw on young people's perspectives and experiences to ensure that their services actually meet their needs and enable them to access services in the right way for them. An example of this recently is the introduction of an eating disorder induction pack to help young people get the right information prior to accessing services. They are also about to start work with CAMHS (Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services) on a new gaming app around health and well-being. 

The Future: Youth Consulters

There have been many successes but we are aware that we could do things even better. With that in mind, we have consulted with young people including our Youth Board and staff within the Trust. Based on that feedback and years of understanding how young people can contribute, we are in the process of setting up a new group of Youth Consulters to replace Youth Board. They will still meet monthly and feedback on new services but we will prepare them to do so much more than that. WE plan to provide them with the training and development they need, to also represent us within and outside of the Trust, not only giving their views and opinions but capturing the wider view within their own communities, including those of the seldom heard.  

A Wider Voice - Youth Ambassadors: 

For a while now, the Trust has recognised the value of having another way to engage children and young people who may not have the capacity to attend meetings or be able to commit much time. For instance, we have a number of Young Carers who are Youth Ambassadors - they get involved in what they feel passionate about ,or when they have the time, and this really makes a difference to the reach we have with young people. We plan to develop this approach and widen our scope over the next 12 months. We are also getting our younger members of staff and Apprentices to become Youth Ambassadors - good for them and us! 

 "Being in the Youth Board has given me some great opportunities which I wouldn't have experienced as a school student. It enables you to suggest ways of improving services for young people. It's something more for you to add to your CV, which is an extra positive"

Would you Like the Opportunity because we are Recruiting! 

There is no doubt that being a Youth Board member has provided our young people with opportunities they would never have had elsewhere. For instance, they have sat on recruitment panels interviewing consultants and have met and got to know some of the decision makers in the Trust around new services. But not only that, they have developed their assertive skills and become more confident. It is clear to see why, their involvement has such a positive impact on their CVS and future careers including acceptance at their chosen university. The roles of Youth Consulter and Ambassador are likely to provide even greater opportunities.  If you are between 14-30 and  want to find out more, please email: mandi.bishop@nhs.net or Tel 01905 681502 to register your interest and to receive further information. 

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