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Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust
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Meet the Youth Board

If you become a Youth Consulter expect to get involved and Make Things Happen!  Here is an Example of Youth  Consulters helping to Co-Produce an App for Camhs with Clinicians and Technicians.

Have a Look at the Job Description for Youth Consulter – see if it Interests You:

This is a voluntary role, which we anticipate will require an average monthly commitment of about 5 hours per month.  However, this will depend upon current projects and work streams within the Trust which may mean that some months you will be busier than others.

We also appreciate that as a Consulter, you will need some understanding and flexibility during busy periods, such as exams.  We are happy to offer this flexibility, as long as you are committed fully to the role of Consulter and make every effort to attend the monthly meetings and complete the tasks you have agreed to undertake on task and finish groups.

It might suit you if you require some work experience, are taking a relevant course at college or university, want a career in the NHS or have relevant experience as a service user and want to help develop services for other young people.

Induction, safeguarding and recruitment are mandatory training requirements for this role. We want you to be well trained and feel skilled and confident.  Other social skills and development training will also be offered.

Due to training requirements and investment by the Health and Care Trust, we would expect a minimum of 12 months commitment to this role, at the end of which you will receive a certificate and a reference which could open many career and educational opportunities for you.

An agreement will need to be in place with your college/university/workplace to attend meetings engagement events prior to you being accepted.

The hours of commitment will include the following:

  • One evening meeting per month. 
  • Community Connector role- being a representative of the Trust in your own school/college etc and other groups, sharing and receiving feedback on young people’s health priorities and concerns.
  • ​Contribute to task and finish groups on development of new services and service re-designs for children and young people.
  • Assist with presentations and facilitating small groups and projects. (There is training for this)
  • Organise larger events where engagement with larger groups is required.
  • Represent Youth Consulters at meetings inside and outside of the Trust.
  • Contribute towards a Youth Consulters magazine “Soundbite” and promote this amongst Trust staff and schools, colleges, university and other young people.
  • Help embed social media and IT systems to help promote projects and give young people a wider voice.
  • Contribute to debate and discussions, including national objectives and targets.
  • Help update the Youth Board website via relevant stories, feedback and pictures.
  • Contribute to writing monthly blogs.
  • Help improve recruitment of new Trust staff via recruitment panels, representing the views and perspective of young people.
  • Assist in recruiting new Youth Consulters via promotion and interview and assessment of new members.
  • Help develop the Youth Ambassador role (a virtual role), promotion of the role and recruitment.




Knowledge and Understanding

  • Community Connections and contacts
  • An understanding or desire to learn about the Sustainability and Transformation Plan and future objectives of the NHS.
  • Agreement to attend Trust and group induction training. Commitment to ongoing training.
  • An understanding of the current political/economic climate of the NHS or desire to learn and Trust policies.
  • An interest in and understanding of co-production and participation or desire to learn.
  • Interest or understanding of local health and well-being issues pertinent to young people
  • Personal interest in health and well-being and self- management.


Skills and Abilities:

  • ​Confidence and ability to actively participate at meetings.
  • Capacity to engage with local community groups.
  • Good clear communication skills.
  • Experience of, or confidence to articulate with, and challenge NHS representatives/systems appropriately when necessary
  • Assertive and listening skills
  • Ability to channel direct or indirect experience of health services into positive change.
  • A visionary who can look outside the box and be creative and flexible in their thinking and development of ideas – a lateral thinker.
  • Ability to facilitate group-work and sub-groups or desire to learn.
  • Ability to represent the Trust positively in the community in a professional manner and uphold Trust values.
  • Ability to develop and nurture respectful and positive relationships within the Trust and in local communities.
  • Ability to get to meetings and take part.
  • Commitment to developing a local network of information and services/support outside of the Trust and sharing with the Trust.
  • Ability to keep to task and be focused and solution focused in their approach.


Values/ Beliefs and Attitudes:

  • Positive "can do" attitude
  • Commitment to the sustainability of the NHS and patient representation
  • A commitment to equality of opportunity and engagement for local people.
  • A motivated individual who can inspire others and encourage them to engage.
  • Commitment to promoting the work and diversity of the group inside and outside of the Trust.
  • A respectful and non-judgmental attitude
  • Ability and acceptance to represent a wider diversity of people
  • Commitment to a sharing of ideas and opinions in a reflective and thoughtful manner
  • A thoughtful, responsible person with the ability to weigh up pros and cons from information and offer a balanced approach.


Educational and Professional Qualifications:

  • There is no minimum level of education required or professional experience.  
  • It is more important that the individual has the right skills, attitudes, values and confidence to be able to be effective in this role.
  • Some of these skills may have been as a result of education or a profession but not necessarily.  For some, they will have the desire to learn some of the facilitation skills for example, and this will be viewed very positively. 


Shared Ideas = Light Bulb Moments:

Youth Consulter Notes and Actions

Date: 26.9.18       Time: 5.30-7.15pm    Venue: Waitrose Community Room, London Road, Worcester. 

Now We’re Talking:

  • Mental health awareness campaign running for whole year in Worcestershire. Aims to reduce the stigma around mental health issues, get people talking about it and make people aware of the help that is available for them to access.
  • Are you aware of the Healthy Minds Service? 16+ service including online self-referral or via 01905 766124 (Wellbeing Hub). Also KOOTH online counselling service for 11-19yrs. Could you promote these services?
  • Oct 10th is World Mental Health Day.
  • Oct 7th Launch of ‘Now We’re Talking’ campaign at Worcester Warriors match.
  • There will be an initial focus on men’s mental health.
  • Do youth consulters have any contacts with celebrities or organisations that may be interested in getting involved with this campaign?
  • Please talk to at least 5 friends, relatives etc. about issues surrounding men’s mental health. What are the difficulties in supporting men and boys in this area? Record your findings as a blog, video clip, or in another creative way. Don’t forget that videos etc. will need consent from the participants – contact Mandi for forms.

Other Blogs

  • Keep going with your blogs on sexual health and co-production. Send to Mandi
  • Katie Conway wondered how everyone felt about living in Worcester/shire in light of the news of the missing student. Could you write a blog around issues of safety, security and the experience of living in or around Britain’s ‘happiest city’.


·         Laura Doherty introduced herself to the group. Her role at Worcestershire County Council is as Young Person’s Pathway Worker for Housing (16-21). Her main job is to prevent homelessness by helping YP access services such as mental health and benefits.

Reach for Wellbeing

  • This relatively new service provides services in schools to support children and YP with low level mental health issues such as anxiety and low mood. They run 6 week courses, transition workshops for those changing schools, and some 1 to 1 work.
  • They would like the help of Youth Board in creating some short video clips to be included in material provided to those waiting to access their courses. Some of these will be interviews with those who have completed the course, but they also want some more general help from us. Youth Consulters may also be involved in supporting other YP who will appear in the clips.
  • Morgan, Carla, Megan, Katie M, Sophie, Kaden and Chelsea H volunteered for this. If there is anyone else please let Mandi know ASAP.
  • What support is there after the 6 sessions are finished. Action for Mandi.
  • There was also some other discussion around whether some of the content is a bit ‘childish’ for the older participants. Is this why homework is not completed? Also is the content of this course repeated within the CAHMS system?

Script and Role Play

  • We read through and acted out two versions of an appointment with a clinician regarding a type 2 diabetes diagnosis. We filmed them for inclusion in a co-production training package for staff.
  • Afterwards we discussed the two appointments and what we thought about them. In the first scenario people felt that it seemed that the clinician didn’t care, was blunt, rushed and insensitive. This would leave the patient feeling upset, insecure, deflated and unmotivated. The second scenario discussed different treatment options and took the concerns of the patient into consideration. There was a personal approach not a one fits all solution. Better for patient, and better for clinician.


  • Kaden said he was working on a dissertation about the music industry and its effects on men’s mental health.
  • Sophie is working on a photography course with links to mental health.
  • Both were keen to be involved in the ‘Now we’re talking’ campaign.


  • oLet Mandi know if you know any celebrities or individuals who could be involved in the ‘Now We’re Talking’ campaign
  • oTalk to 5 friends or relatives about the issues surrounding men’s mental health. Record your findings in a blog, as video clips or in another creative way.
  • oBlogs sexual health, co-production activities, living in Worcester/shire.
  • oLet Mandi ASAP if you want to be involved in the ‘Reach for Wellbeing’ videos and she doesn’t already know.
  • oMandi – to find details about Mental Health First Aid course.
  • Date of next meeting: 31st October 2018
  • Interested? Contact Mandi Bishop, Community Development Officer, Worcestershire Health and Care Trust: mandi.bishop@nhs.net