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What is it? 

The Improving Self-Esteem Counselling group consists of 10 weekly sessions. Each session lasts for two hours. This group will help you to identify the ways in which low self-esteem might contribute to your depression and help you to make changes to improve your self-esteem and confidence. We will start off each week by presenting a topic for discussion; and then invite you to talk about and share your own experiences and support each other in finding ways to move forward.

What does the programme involve?

  • How to manage difficult emotions and care for yourself
  • Exploring the origins of low self-esteem
  • Developing self-compassion
  • How relationships can impact on self-esteem
  • Improving assertiveness and communication skills
  • Making changes


Self-esteem feedback

How will this help me? 

This group is for you if you are critical of yourself and want to be able to understand where some of the negative feelings about yourself have come from. You will have mild to moderate depression or low mood. You will need to be motivated to make changes in your life, and the way you think about yourself. You are expected to open up about your feelings and listen to others. In the first session we will agree ground rules in order to make the group a ‘safe space’ for exploration. 

The group is not suitable for you if you:

  • Use drugs, alcohol or self-harm to cope
  • Have a history of trauma likely to be triggered during group exercises
  • Are highly socially anxious
  • Believe your difficulties are due to external factors alone
  • Have a specific problem, like OCD, health anxiety, bipolar
  • Have a large degree of instability in your life

Who runs the sessions?

Two Counsellors who are trained to listen to you and help you deal with difficult thoughts and feelings you may have by trying to understand from your frame of reference. For more information about a Counsellor click here.

How do I access this?  

Click here to self refer or call 0300 302 1313

To ensure you access the right treatment the team will arrange an assessment screening appointment with you these usually take around 50 minutes and they are completed over the phone.

When and where?

Start Date



Wednesday 2 October