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In October 2018 Worcestershire Health and Care Trust launched Now We're Talking a mental health campaign to raise awareness of Worcestershire Healthy Minds, a self-referral service run by Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust for local people aged 16+ experiencing common mental health conditions such as stress, anxiety, low mood or depression. It’s estimated these sorts of issues affect around 50,000 people in Worcestershire alone. 

As well as raising awareness of the local service available, the campaign will encourage people to support their mental wellbeing, to talk and open up about mental health and, working with partners will contribute to the aim of reducing the stigma around mental health.

The campaign will particularly target men as we know that despite being affected by these issues, men are less likely to engage and get the support they need. 

Join the campaign

You can call the team on:
 0300 302 1313 and follow the campaign on Twitter (@NowWereTalking_) and on Facebook (@NowWereTalkingWorcs)

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‘Now Johns Talking’ Click here to read his story

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