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Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust

About Us

Who is the Service for? 

Worcestershire's Early Intervention Service addresses the needs of young people (aged 14-35) with a first episode of psychosis or of bipolar disorder (specifically bipolar l). We also offer a time-limited intervention to young people with an At Risk Mental State (ARMS)

Service Philosophy

To assist individuals and their families in coping with the experience of psychosis/bipolar disorder, promoting optimal recovery and preventing further episodes of illness. The focus is on helping individuals to determine their goals and direction and Identifying the support needed to enable this.  

Service Aims 

  • Provide information for young people, families and friends about their condition, coping strategies and medication.

  • Maximise the young person's control over their experiences and minimise disruption to the young person's life.
  • Provide psychological interventions on an individual and group basis.

  • Promote recovery from the episode and provide support during recovery.

  • Maintain and develop community connections.

  • Prevent or reduce the development of other problems such as depression, anxiety and lack of motivation.

  • Raise community awareness about psychosis and bipolar disorder and tackle stigma.

  • Sustain engagement with the young person for up to 3 years The emphasis is on working with the individual, family and friends to cope with the condition, promoting recovery, reducing trauma and avoiding stigma. 

Team Information

The EI service is multi-disciplinary and comprises a number of CPN/Case Managers, CPN Prescribers, Clinical Psychologists, a Clinical Manager, Team Secretaries, OT/Case Managers, a Social Worker, Consultant Psychiatrists, a Staff grade Psychiatrist and a Clinical Development Lead. 


The service has two bases. The South Worcestershire EI Team are based at Studdert Kennedy House, Worcester; the North Worcestershire EI Team are based at New Brook in Bromsgrove.