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Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust

What People Say About the Service

“On this day last year our lives fell apart as our daughter had a major psychotic episode and ended up being sectioned in Hill Crest. 

When she was nearing the end of her stay in Hill Crest discussions were starting to take place about her coming home and we were understandably very anxious. It was at this stage we were made aware of the Early Intervention Team and so meetings began to take place with them. 

We consider ourselves very lucky to have been helped by the team as they made us feel that we weren’t alone and they made it clear that this devastating episode had happened to us all. 

Over the past year we have had marvellous support and we have seen our daughter re-emerge through their careful, patient work with her. They have also had time for us and the family meetings have been invaluable. 

We want to say thank you for the hard work and dedication the Early Intervention Team shows week in week out. Our family would be in tatters without them. 

Yours truly, two very grateful parents”

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From the mother of an ex-Early Intervention Service User

A clinical nurse specialist from Ireland thanked us for the help we provided with information about running psychoeducational groups for carers. 

Thanks from a CAMHS psychiatrist in Worcestershire.


To an Early Intervention Psychologist following an urgent appointment requested by client.


A Consultant at a regional Children and Adolescent Mental Health Service in-patient unit.


A Wyre Forest GP.


From the Grandfather of an Early Intervention Service User