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Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust

Early Intervention in Dementia Service

Team Base: F Block, Kidderminster General Hospital

Telephone: 01562 828815

Referrals are made via the GP's only and the service is county wide.

Early Intervention Dementia Service

The Early Intervention service was set up in July 2010 in response to the dementia strategy and the needs of the local population.  It is available to people of any age, registered with a GP in Worcestershire who are experiencing memory problems and do not have a formal diagnosis of dementia.

The team consists of a team manager, consultant psychiatrist and specialist registrar, registered mental health nurses (one for each locality), occupational therapists, a support worker and a clinical psychologist. The team is based at F Block, Kidderminster Hospital but we have locally based clinics around the county to see patients.

By intervening early in the illness before cognitive deficits affect mental capacity, the service encourages patient choice and autonomy, helping the individual and their family adapt to the illness and start making plans for the future.

The patient will be offered an appointment at home within approximately six weeks of the referral.  This is carried out by a nurse who remains with the patient throughout their involvement with the service and is an opportunity to offer pre-assessment counselling and establish informed consent to proceed with an assessment.  The next two appointments are held in clinic with the doctor and nurse to carry out a comprehensive assessment and formalise a diagnosis.  We have access to further neuropsychological (psychologist) and functional (occupational therapist) assessment if required.

Following diagnosis, the patient and their family are offered a period of post diagnostic support (for approximately three months) which may include initiation and monitoring of cholinesterase inhibitors if indicated, referrals to external support agencies including Dementia Advisors and Admiral Nurses, carer Support, psychological support for patients and/or family members, confidence building, memory strategies, assistive technology and more.  We would aim to discharge the patient with a dementia advisor in place.  We are also able to refer into the CMHT if continued specialist support is required.

In order to benefit from the service the patient needs to be concerned about their memory or other aspects of their cognitive functioning, agree to and wish to proceed with the referral, and be likely to benefit from, comprehend and engage with the pre and post diagnostic support/interventions we offer.

People with a more moderate/severe degree of cognitive impairment or whose primary needs are related to risk or treatment of related psychiatric symptoms e.g. psychosis or depression should continue to be treated within the CMHTs.

To find out more information about dementia visit www.nhs.uk/dementia/Pages/dementia.aspx or speak to your GP if you are concerned. Download the campaign leaflet