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Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust
new opportunities worcester

New Opportunities Worcestershire offers patients in secondary mental health services, a specialised route to those needing greater support, assisting service users to improve skills, gain confidence and increase concentration to enable them to move into mainstream activities or progress into other parts of the pathway. Eg IPS or Reablement

The service offers regularly reviewed supported placements with detailed assessment of occupational performance, goal setting and reviews. Time frames can be varied according to the needs of the service user. The service  links closely to the CARS  providing  formal reports and assessments  to contribute to wider care planning. The service also works alongside the Reablement Team. This ensures that those people who are unable to access the community based activities offered by Reablement and who have higher levels of need and support can be referred to the more specialised New Opportunities Worcestershire team

To facilitate move- on and provide better geographical reach, the service operates a hub and spoke model: Those needing, and able, to access the Worcester base will be supported to do so. In addition, there will be a range of supported outreach projects taking place in local community venues. These will be led by Trust instructors specialised in that activity.

NOW diagram

Activities offered by the New Opportunities Worcestershire service


  • IT, DIY, Woodwork, Photography, Cookery, Crafts, Modern tech and Art at Shrub Hill in Worcester
  • Horticulture is offered at New Haven, Bromsgrove
  • Woodwork is offered at The Old Needleworks, Redditch
  • Cookery, Modern Tech, It and Photography are offered at Amphlett Hall, Bromsgrove
  • Art, Cookery and Craft are offered at F Block, Kidderminster Hospital Site, Kidderminster


In addition a wide range of other groups/locations will start when sufficient referrals have been made (NB group size needed may be as small as 3-4 people). These will  cover  a range of   activities suitable for engaging a variety of service users e.g. Manual activities (e.g. woodwork, horticulture), Creative activity (Arts and Crafts) and Desk based activity (e.g. I.T , office skills). See appendix list for initial menu of outreach offered. However if there are activities that are not yet covered but are identified as needed please inform us so we can look into how best we can encompass these. Referral process    

    • The person being referred must be in receipt of secondary mental health services—Consultant, CPN and/or Social worker.

    • Phone us with details of the person who wishes to be referred and the activity/location of where they are interested in attending.

    • We will then look on Carenotes for up to date and relevant information about the person including risk assessments and/or Care plan. 

    • The service user, via the referrer, will be invited to visit and spend some time at the relevant venue with the Instructor and one of the above.

    • If the activity is appropriate, a start date will be discussed and  a ‘welcome’ letter sent to the service user, and  a copy  uploaded a copy on to Carenotes. 


Click Here to see our printable leaflets for current and future activities - Please print double sided (on short edge)

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For more information contact:
New Opportunities Worcester
Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust
Shrub Hill Workshop
Tel: 01905 619633 or 01905 610934
Jane Smart: jane.smart1@nhs.net - General Enquiries

Brenda Simmons: Brenda.Simmonds1@nhs.net - Referrals
Stephanie Danby: Stephanie.danby@nhs.net - Activities/venues

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