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Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust
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Overseas Management Team Contact Details

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Contracts Manager: 01905 681707 
Contracts Officer: 01905 681507

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Overseas Visitors Department

Contracting, Information & Performance Team
Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust
2 Kings Court, 
Charles Hastings Way, 

Overseas Visitor Managers (OVMs) perform a vital role in maintaining the sustainability and fairness of the NHS. Our work aims to ensure that those patients who are not exempt from charge make fair contribution for the care they receive. We support a national standard of care, fairness and professionalism within the NHS.

As OVMs and NHS employees we commit to:

  1. Uphold the standards of the NHS by treating our patients, the public and staff with respect and fairness, and to be frank and honest in their engagement with all parties.
  2. Treat individuals fairly and without discrimination or prejudice and seek to prevent and challenge these behaviours.
  3. Respect and protect confidentiality and data security and treat each person and case with sensitivity, discretion and integrity in others.
  4. Remain objective in the application of legislation and regulations, considering the circumstances of each case in full, without making assumptions or judgements.
  5. Be fully aware of the regulations and guidance material, keeping up to date with any changes in policy and process and seeking to be an expert in the field.
  6. Work collaboratively with and support clinical staff by remaining professional and providing clear and concise guidance on charging matters, working as a team to deliver regulatory requirements and ensure a fair outcome for the patient and the NHS. 


In return we expect patients to:

  1. Be open and honest when engaging with us, helping us to make accurate assessments by providing clear and honest information.
  2. Treat all NHS staff with respect, fairness and without discrimination.
  3. Understand that the NHS expects a fair contribution for healthcare and seek to understand their rights and obligations in the UK.