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Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust
What Are We Doing?

Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust is continually trying to use innovative ways to collect patient feedback.  Feedback from patients is vital to shaping the organisation. Below is a list of some of the ways that we currently collect feedback:

  • The Trust strives to offer a quality service to patients and their families. We receive both compliments and complaints and the learning from these is vital to improving services.  
  • Friends and Family Test – “how likely is it you would recommend this ward/department to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment” – the friends and family test is an easy to understand, comparable question that is asked of patients accessing services within the organisation. We also aim to ask our staff the friends and family question.  

  • Patient Surveys – as an organisation we use a variety of patient surveys to access patient feedback. These surveys can be either generic or service specific. In the future we aim to share results of these surveys on this website.       
  • Real time feedback – the Trust has established a process for collecting real time feedback from patients whilst they are accessing our services. This gives patients the opportunity to comment on services received in real time. The trust has a bank of volunteers and we use this valuable resource to support the real time surveys.

  • Patient Stories – we are encouraging patients to share their story with us. The narrative from patient stories enables the organisation to pick up on feedback from patients that a survey might not collect. If you would like to share your story click here  

The above is just an example of the work that is on-going within the Trust. We will continue to keep you updated of Patient Experience work that goes on.