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Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust

Procurement Partners

As you are a member of the Local Government Procurement Network (LGPN), we  just wanted to make you aware that the latest LGPN guidance is on the site and is available to view or download. This latest document, entitled ‘Making public sector procurement more accessible to SMEs’, highlights that with an annual spend of £230bn, public sector procurement has the potential to create significant business and growth opportunities through increased participation for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), as well as improving the public sector’s access to SMEs’ creativity and innovation.  

There are also many good examples of small suppliers delivering significant benefits to the public sector through their greater innovation and at a comparatively lower cost base than large, incumbent government contractors.  

To read more, remember that you need to log in to the site to access the guidance, which can be viewed here: http://www.lgpn.org/resources/guidances/  

Trust Routes Diagram

Worcestershire Health & Care NHS Trust tender for all their goods and services via an e-Tendering portal with their partner EU Supply Ltd.

Suppliers can register and log in via:  https://uk.eu-supply.com/login.asp?B=HACW_NHS

Procurement Partners
London Procurement Logo

Worcestershire health & Care NHS Trust contract and tender with a partnership organisation: London Procurement Partnership. For further information in regard to tendering of goods & services please contact Jeremy Pewton, Head of Procurement.