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Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust
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Welcome to Research and Development

As a Trust, we participate in large-scale 'gold standard' clinical trials that have been adopted onto the National Institute
for Health Research (NIHR) portfolio. These studies cover a wide range of topics, from patient perceptions about
anti-psychotic medication in mental health to studies looking at the best way to achieve physical independence after a
bone injury.

Why do research?

A poll commissioned by the NIHR Clinical Research Network in 2012 showed that 82% of the public think it is important for the NHS to offer opportunities to patients to take part in healthcare research.

The Clinical Research Network is currently working with healthcare professionals all over England who, along with their patients, are actively benefiting from taking part in clinical research. Ultimately, clinical research means patients get access to new treatments, interventions and medicines, and investment in research means better, more cost-effective patient care.

Further information

For details of current research studies or to find out more about research in the Trust please click on the buttons
above or email Wah-tr.researchconsortium@nhs.net