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Patient and Public Involvement

Why involve service users (and others) in research?

INVOLVE describes 'public involvement' as an active partnership between members of the public and researchers in the research process. This can include, for example, involvement in the choice of research topics, assisting in the design, advising on the research project or in carrying out the research.

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It is really important that PPI within research be effective, meaningful and sustainable and not just a tick box exercise. Making people who are involved feel part of the process and ensuring that their views are listened to and acted upon, is all part of effective and sustainable PPI. Researchers and clinicians have developed their expertise through study and clinical practice: their knowledge is not through their own experience of living with a particular condition and what is involved on a personal level.

The National Institute for Health Research has a website called People In Research which aims to help people find research projects to get involved with, and help researchers advertise research opportunites to the public.