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Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust
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As part of #fabchange day 2016 we are launching a page dedicated to celebrating the fabulous practice going on in Worcestershire to support children with Speech, Language and Communication Needs.

Please visit the page to find new ideas that work in real life and share your best practice with others too!


Fabslcn TAs
The KS1 Language Class at Lickey Hills Primary re-enacted the Great Fire Of London. A great way to bring the story to life and learn the new vocabulary!
Great Fire of London
Fabslcn Woodrow banner
Fabslcn lunchtime pack photo

We love these packs that Woodrow 1st school in Redditch have made for their lunchtime supervisors!

Download your own with some of our very favourite resources to support communication at lunchtime here

Lunchtime resource pack
FabSLCN Rigby Hall
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Fab news at Rigby blank

Each Monday children use a structured approach to thinking about their news from the weekend

[ Zoom ]
Fab news Rigby 1

Thinking about each question helps them to organise what they want to say..

[ Zoom ]
Fab news Rigby complete

...and helps them to give useful and relevant information to their class!

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Fab news Rigby 2

Children use pictures and words to  SHOW and TELL their news....

[ Zoom ]
Fab news Rigby 3

Everyone uses the same format for telling their news each week.

Story of my day

Print your own here!

Find Rigby Hall's website here


Chawson First School have successfully implemented a ‘Talk Homework’ policy!

Children are encouraged to talk about what they are doing, or are  about to do in school. Tasks range from sharing ideas about a story plan or explaining how to use a specific calculation strategy. 

Talking about their learning helps children to consolidate their understanding and is really important in helping them to progress. Parents sign when they have completed the Talk Homework with their child and all completed slips go into a weekly prize draw in each class.

The prizes are supplied by the PTA and the response from families has been brilliant!

Chawson talk prizes

Download a pro forma for talk homework here 

Talk homework maths

Download a sample of Chawson's

Maths Talk homework here:

Talk homework for maths has a dual purpose, one is to provide parents with knowledge of how maths calculations are being taught in school (the children become the teachers!), the other is so children
can explore maths without restrictions or worrying about making mistakes (this can often be the case with a sheet of sums that are either right or  wrong).  Maths home learning will often involve activities or games which children need to talk about and explain their reasoning.  They may be asked to show someone at home how to use a strategy or to explain why they have chosen a strategy.

Talk homework for writing usually involves chatting through ideas for a piece of work children are going to do in school. 

By giving children this opportunity they are able to develop their thinking and explore more complex stories or detailed description.  Children are able to experiment
with their choice of words and talk about the effects they intend to create with the use of punctuation.

Talk homework writing
Download a sample of Chawson's Writing Talk homework here:

Visit Chawson school's website here

Woodrow gets word aware

Woodrow First School in Redditch use the Word Aware approach to support children's vocabulary development across the whole school. Children who need additional help access Word Aware small groups, where they are pre-taught the vocabulary which will be needed for their upcoming class topics. Back in the classroom there are Word Walls and children then stick on the new word that they have learnt - with a picture too! Word boxes and 'dictionaries' in every classroom help children to revisit words and make sure they stick. This consistent and systematic approach has helped children to learn, remember and use the new vocabulary in class discussion and in their writing.

Word aware word wizard

Children learn the new words in small groups BEFORE the lesson

word aware word wall

 New words are added to  the word wall.....

Word aware word boxes

...and go into the class word box!

Word aware dictionaries
The Word Aware dictionaries and boxes in each class..
Word aware word box

......mean that children can revisit words!

The Word Aware book is available here.                              Visit Woodrow 1st School's website here.

Learning to cook is an essential life skill which can give young people the means to be independent or even a way to earn a living. However, young people may be able to cook but might struggle to follow a recipe because the vocabulary is unfamiliar or challenging. Kingfisher School in Redditch are removing the barriers to their students succeeding with creative use of visual support!
[ Zoom ]
Cooking equipment fabslcn
A cooking equipment wall helps students know
which utensil the recipe is saying they need....
[ Zoom ]
Cooking words fabslcn
         ...and the cooking words wall gives students 
           a visual image for all those special words
           that only appear in cooking!


Visit Kingfisher school's website here:

Bengeworth fabslcn
At Bengeworth Academy staff have been focusing on vocabulary this term and making word learning fun for ALL children in school. Those children who take part in small group ‘Word Aware’ interventions will take the word image back to their classroom and then have an opportunity to teach the word to the other children in their class before the word goes on their topic wall. This is a fantastic chance to consolidate their learning and acts a great confidence boost for those children that typically find literacy challenging!
[ Zoom ]
Bengeworth word wall 1 fabslcn
Syllable claps are a great addition to a word wall. Thinking about the number of claps in a word can help children to process the sounds more accurately. Download your own syllable clap cards here.
[ Zoom ]
Bengeworth word wall2 fabslcn
Syllable Claps

Visit Bengeworth Academy's website here

Regency fabslcn
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Regency youtube fabslcn

Regency High School caters for children with a range of special needs. They have set up a ‘youtube’ word wall where they explore new words relating to the current curriculum. Pre-teaching vocabulary has proven to be an effective way of supporting a range of students who benefit from extra support and opportunities to explore a new words or concepts (Parsons et al, 2005). It is known that our understanding of a new word develops over time and that we add information as we are exposed to it (Chiat, 2000). The Youtube Wall raises the profile of pre-teaching vocabulary in school and reaches out to the students in a motivating and age appropriate way.

Talking Tins are brilliant to add to a word wall! Record the word so children can hear it whenever they want to. Great for non-readers but really useful for all children to they can hear how a word sounds. Find a whole range of talking tin resources here.

Visit Regency High School's website here.

Talking tin fabslcn
Fabslcn Westlands
Fabslcn westands timetable

We love the addition of a clock to the visual timetable in Key Stage 2 at Westlands 1st school in Droitwich!

The clock helps children to become more independent in following routines and is great preparation for the move to Secondary when children will be expected to independently follow a timetable.

You can find symbols for use with a KS2 visual timetable from Language for Learning here

You can find out more information about visual timetables from the Symbol Inclusion Project here  

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Secondary visual timetable