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Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust

Individual Child Pathway

What is SLCN Individual Child SLCN Pathway Flowchart Types of SLCN A guide to individual child pathway

The Individual Child SLCN Pathway flowchart sets out the process of identification of need, assessment and intervention for children with SLCN. It aims to provide guidance as well as links to further information that will help secure judgments to be made in relation to the nature of the child's SLCN. It is intended for anyone involved with the child and can be initiated by parents and/or any professional who may come into contact with the child. In settings and schools, practitioners would need to discuss their concerns with the SENCO or equivalent member of staff. The role of the SENCO is crucial in ensuring all early steps of intervention have been implemented and in coordinating additional provision.  

The graduated response provides a framework for meeting individual children's needs within the new SEND Code of Practice (2014). The 'Guide to the Individual Child Pathway' describes how the SLCN Pathway can be used within this framework and makes suggestions on what settings/schools can do at each stage of the 'assess, plan, do and review' cycle.

Assess Plan Do Review Cycle


Visit the Speech and Language Therapy website for information about referral into their team for assessment. 

Worcestershire County Council's specialist teacher service provides assessment and support for individual pupils. 

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