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Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust

Targeted & Specialist Provision

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Targeted interventions offer specific support for those children and young people who are felt to be vulnerable in relation to speech, language and communication. The group is wide ranging and includes children with delayed language and communication skills who following targeted intervention will return to the universal tier, through to identification of children who may go on to have more persistent needs. This level includes small group and individual targeted intervention approaches such as language groups, narrative groups, social communication skills programmes and phonology programmes. Some children may need additional support at this level if their needs cannot be met solely by universal provision, although they still need access to those services.

Specialist interventions are in addition to the universal and targeted offer for those children and young people who require a highly individualised and personalised programme of work. This group includes children with complex learning and communication needs and those children who are cognitively able and have specific speech, language or communication needs. Provision at this level will be for a very small minority of children for whom universal and/or targeted support is not sufficient to meet their needs although they still require access to those services.


For more information about local services download the 'Outside Agencies' factsheet above by clicking on the signpost.

For information about referral into the Worcestershire Speech and Language Therapy Service visit their website page.

Worcestershire County Council commission a range of specialist teacher services offering advice and support to schools and settings. 

© Worcestershire's SLCN Pathway has been developed by practitioners working within Worcestershire County Council and Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust 2011 & 2015