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Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust

Whole Setting/School Approach

What is SLCN Whole setting/School Pathway Summary Scheme for Schools Communication Commitment Guidance for adopting a whole setting /school approach
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Schools and settings are recognising the importance of communication and adopting a whole setting/school approach to developing every child’s speech, language and communication skills.  This involves:

  • Working in partnership with parents/carers and providing information about developing speech, language and communication skills at home
  • Ensuring everyone in the setting/school is aware of SLCN with some members of staff trained to a higher level of competence
  • Creating language and communication friendly environments
  • Use of identification tools across all ages to ensure children with SLCN are identified as early as possible
  • Providing a range of intervention approaches at each tier of support - universal, targeted and specialist level

The Worcestershire SLCN Pathway Whole Setting/School summary helps to guide settings/schools through this process together with the ‘Guidance for Adopting a Whole School Approach’ - both can be found above. Reference is given within the guidance to the following tools, click to download:  


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The Communication Commitment has been developed by The Communication Trust and is a simple way to develop a whole school approach to communication that is tailored to the needs of individual schools.  Choose five simple actions to make a start in developing a whole school approach.

The Better Communication CIC Scheme for Schools is based on The Balanced System™ and offers an accredited whole systems approach to planning provision for children and young people with SLCN. This provides schools with evidence for Ofsted as well as a clear offer for SLCN.


© Worcestershire's SLCN Pathway has been developed by practitioners working within Worcestershire County Council and Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust 2011 & 2015