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Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust
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Get everyone talking Hannah

Join us this Summer to get everyone talking!

How far can we get the message that it is good to talk?!
If you are off on your holidays this Summer download our #geteveryonetalking form and send us a
snap with your favourite word of your holidays.
How many air miles can we cover?

Get everyone talking form

Ask an Alien!                                                                          

Ask an Alien Flyer

Calling all pre-school settings!


Help us with our mission to Get the Galaxy Talking by joining in our Space themed competition.


Just think of a great question to ask an alien and send it to us by 20th June - there are some fabulous prizes for the winning setting!


Find out more here.



hello my name is ....                                                                                                              November 2015

A big welcome to Laura Bottiglieri and Catharine Barley who joined the team this month!

Welcome to the team both of you. We are delighted to have you with us

Laura Bottiglieri

Laura will be working in Children's
Centres, Mainstream Schools and a
Mainstream Autism  Base in Worcester.


Catharine will be working in the South
Worcester Neurodevelopmental Umbrella
Pathway team as well as working in schools
and bases across the area.

Catharine Barley

Communication TA News

Communication TA
Have you registered for 2016-2017?

Our award winning Communication TA scheme is about to start it's second year.  If your Communication TA hasn't already registered then you can register online on our Communication TA page - you can access it here

About the scheme: Communication TA's work in mainstream schools across Worcestershire supporting targeted interventions.  Registered Communication TA's have access to support from other TA's and a cluster co-ordinator who is a Speech and Language Therapist and are able to attend termly cluster meeting with free training.

When Health and Education work together we can really make a difference to children with SLCN!  

Teens come together for stammering support                                                                    October 2015 

         Stammering feedback1

The team have had a lovely time over half term working with a group of teenaged students who stammer. This would not have been possible without the generous support of Heart of Worcestershire College’s Bromsgrove Campus who said “We are delighted to help the Children’s Speech and Language Therapy Team who do such an incredible job to help support such vulnerable students to manage their communication skills.”

The students gave great feedback at the end of the course and all agreed that they had benefited from attending. Over the past two days we have been working on understanding why we stammer; how that stammer can impact on our thoughts, feelings and actions; how to use mindfulness, cognitive behaviour therapy and breathing techniques to manage our anxiety about stammering; and how to set realistic goals for ourselves in the future.

 “As a team we have been immensely moved by the bravery and determination of these young people and we would love to do run more of these groups. We can see the huge impact that can be made over just 2 days of working with these fabulously brave and inspirational young people” – Monica Smith, Speech and Language Therapist.  

                          Therapists Jacqui Woodcock & Sarah Smith with Principal of HOW College, Stuart Laverick    

Stammering Workshop photo October 2015

Gigglebox Competition                                                                                                        Nov - Dec 2015

gigglebox logo
What is the Snake's favourite subject?

                ...... Hiss-story !


 'Get Worcestershire Talking' campaign joined forces with West Midland Safari Park to offer fabulous prizes to schools who thought of the funniest animal and dinosaur jokes. 

February 2016 update - Competition winners  

We can finally announce the winners of our Gigglebox Commpetion! Big congratulations to our winners and a huge thank you to everyone who took part

1st place: Class visit for 35 students and 5 teachers with a half hour Discovery Session.
Nunnery Wood Primary:  "What do you get when you cross a parrot with a centipede?" ... "A Walkie Talkie".

2nd place: 1 hour Creatures in your Classroom visit. (School outreach).
Church Hill Middle School: "How does a Farmer count a herd of cows?" ... "With a cow-curator!"

3rd place, individual prize: Family pass to Park (x4 admission tickets).
Bewdley High School: "What do you call a lazy kangaroo?" ... "A pouch potato".


Hello my name is ....                                                                                                                  October 2015

Erin & Sarah

Erin Kirk (nee Taylor) and Sarah Morris

We are delighted to welcome Erin and Sarah - two new members of staff who have joined the team. 

Erin joins us to be the named Therapist for the pre-school caseload at Tulip Trees and Conkers Children's Centre and will also be working in mainstream schools north east of the county.

Sarah joins us to work across mainstream schools in Wyre Forest, Bromsgrove, Redditch and Evesham.

A big welcome to you both ! 


Dummy Elves on Tour !                                                                                                           Nov-Dec 2015

 You better watch out... Dummy Elves are coming to Town!

Our Dummy Elves
Dummy advice

Download our advice for dummies above.

Using a dummy for too long can affect how well a child can talk but giving up can be hard.  A visit to our Dummy Elf can turn giving up into growing up.  They can swap their dummy for a little present and a certificate to prove how grown up they are.

Dummy chart

Download our dummy chart above

January 2016 update:  The Dummy Elves are very please to report that all the dummies collected from the lovely children in Worcestershire have been put to good use in Elf Land.  They THANK YOU very much for your support and hope to pay Worcestershire a visit again in December.


Get Worcestershire Talking

Get Worcestershire talking new logo

The Children's Speech & Language Therapy Service in Worcestershire has launched a Get Worcestershire Talking campaign.

Building on the success of the Worcestershire Question Time competition, the service wants to raise awareness of the huge impact poor communication skills can have on outcomes for children and to work together to change this for children in Worcestershire.

Speech, Language and Communication Needs are everyone’s business and the service wants to support service users in raising the skills of the children they work with.

They will be regularly updating Facebook and Twitter with:
• Information about training events
• Practical tips to help support children
• Links to resources
• News and competitions
• Information about Talking Walk-in Session dates and times
• Updates on the Named TA for SLCN scheme

Like the service on Facebook: Worcestershire Speech and Language Therapy and follow the service on Twitter @SLT_Worcs to make sure you don’t miss out on what is happening on the campaign to Get Worcestershire Talking!