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Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust


  • Fair skinned mothers get more sore nipples
    False: Sore nipples are caused by the baby not attaching correctly

  • Women with small breasts can’t produce enough milk
    False - Size does not matter


  • Bottle fed babies sleep through the night quicker
    False - Babies who are breastfed are just as likely to sleep through the night


  • Breastfeeding causes sagging breasts
    False - Pregnancy causes the ligaments that support the breasts to relax, not breastfeeding


  • Only you can feed the baby if you breastfeed
    False - Once breastfeeding is established you can express milk to leave for your baby while you go out


  • Dads feel less involved with looking after the baby
    False - Feeding is a small part of having a new baby, Dads can do everything else


  • You have to be careful what you eat when you are breastfeeding
    False - You should eat a healthy balanced diet including spicy foods, your baby will soon let you know if he preferred you had not


  • You should not drink any alcohol while breastfeeding
    False - An occasional drink will not do any harm