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Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust

Palliative Care

The Specialist Palliative Care Team within the Trust works closely with all other professionals involved in end of life care.

The service includes specialist community support together with inpatient units at The Primrose at the Princess Unit, Princess of Wales Community Hospital Bromsgrove and The Macmillan Unit at Evesham Community Hospital.

Our aim is to offer advice in the management of complex symptoms and offer emotional support to the patient and their family.

“How people die remains in the memory of those who live on”
Dame Cicely Saunders; Founder of the Modern Hospice Movement

Referrals are usually made to our team from other professionals, such as the GP or Hospital Consultant, with the patient’s agreement, but a patient can self-refer. (Self-referrals are usually discussed with the patient’s own Doctor in order that we can have a clear understanding of the current situation.)

Palliative Care Website
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Specialist Palliative Care Team Redditch and Bromsgrove:
Princess of Wales Hospital Community Bromsgrove
Stourbridge Road
B61 0BB

Telephone: 01527 488 064 or 01527 488 037                                    
Facsimile: 01527 488 066
Email: kathy.ridge@nhs.net

Specialist Palliative Care Team Wyre Forest:
KEMP Hospice
41 Mason Road
DY11 6AG

Telephone: 01562 751 562
Facsimile: 01562 827 723
Email: nbingham@nhs.net

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Primrose Ward – Bromsgrove

The Primrose Unit at The Princess of Wales Community Hospital is a six bedded (single occupancy) NHS Specialist Palliative Care ward, staffed entirely by Registered NHS Nurses and led by a full time Specialist Consultant in Palliative Medicine and Clinical Nurse Specialist/Ward Manager. Each room is equipped with air conditioning, a profiling bed, fully adjustable patient mobile chair, TV & DVD, CD Player/radio and refrigerator. Each room also has en-suite toilet facilities with two rooms having overhead hoist systems, although the remaining four rooms have plenty of room for mobile hoists and other necessary equipment. Each room also has an adjustable chair/bed for when visitors wish to stay overnight and we have a communal kitchen and lounge where visitors can make their own refreshments and/or chat in an informal setting. Visiting hours are not restricted, and concessions are available for car parking costs.

The Unit manages its own admission referrals from the local Macmillan Community nursing team, General Practitioners , Acute Trusts and Primrose Day Hospice to provide not only high quality End of Life care but also palliative support services to our patients at their most vulnerable times. We admit appropriate patients for periods of symptom control and crisis intervention as well as for occasional therapeutic procedures.

Care on the Primrose Unit is holistic and individualised with the patient being at the centre of their care and with family/support circle members being encouraged to contribute to ways to help us make the patients stay with us more meaningful. 2019 will see complimentary therapy sessions being added to the services we offer our inpatients, raising the standard of care we offer even higher.

This individualised care approach means that our medication, hygiene and comfort routines are tailored around the patient’s individual needs and evidence based medical advice: the service is Consultant led, with input from other members of the multi-disciplinary team including Specialist Nurses, Physiotherapists, Speech and Language therapists and dieticians amongst others all meeting regularly to discuss and co-ordinate bespoke plans of care for our patients and how we ensure that they are in the most appropriate place of care.