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Well Connected


Well Connected is not a separate organisation that has all the answers. This change can only happen with your help! Are you ready to grab the baton and make this real? 

We all know family and friends who have received disjointed care, where individuals and families are left battling through an incomprehensible system to get the care and support that they need.  

We all know things that can be done better and we need the residents, patients and staff within the health and social care system to help. 

This will be a revolutionary change for the better and it will be achieved by many, many people taking many, many small steps to improve the lives of those we care for. When we all do this together and join up our efforts, change can happen amazingly quickly.  

We want your thoughts, ideas and suggestions of what the Well Connected vision means for you and your team. We want examples of what works well, what doesn’t work and what barriers exist to turn the Well Connected vision into reality.

Well Connected champions make Well Connected real to patients, carers and the wider communities within Worcestershire. 

We need to do more to understand how people would like the system to support them, what needs to improve, and to learn about what works well so we can do more of those things.  But if we are to do it right, we need your help.

We are looking to develop our existing network of Well Connected Champions who can, with support, help us get out there and ask the right questions to the right people so we build up a clearer and more realistic picture of how things are for patients accessing our services and how this could look in the future.

If you’re a member of staff that works in the health and care economy, a volunteer, patient or carer who wants to contribute to making the system work better then please contact gary.morgan@hacw.nhs.uk