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Well Connected

The Vision and Principles of the Well Connected Programme

Vision Statement:

Well Conected Vision

Programme Principles:

  • Improves the overall quality of care that an individual experiences

  • Identifies and addresses an individual's needs in a whole-person approach

  • Offers more care in community hospitals, the wider community and in people’s homes rather than in acute hospitals

  • Creates the capacity in the acute hospital to allow them to maximise specialist skills for those who need it

  • Invests in prediction, prevention, early intervention and out of hospital services

  • Joins up services across organisations and across care settings

  • Adopts evidence based pathways

  • Encourages individuals to take responsibility


Programme Outcomes:

  • Improved access to services that support people in looking after themselves and each other

  • Access to all relevant patient and service user information for all those delivering services to an individual

  • Reducing hospital admissions and hospital length of stay by all those delivering services working to keep people independent and at home where possible

  • Access to acute hospital care is swift and focussed when needed

  • The experience of the overall care and services that individuals receive is improved

  • Better overall value for money 


Plans, Programmes and Project Enablers