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Well Connected

Well Connected Workshop

On the 7th July the Well Connected team hosted a half day workshop event at the Perdiswell Young People’s centre to enable service users and patients to work alongside a range of professionals including those from the voluntary care sector to share their views about the work we are doing to develop integrated care assessments and care plans across the county. We had a fantastic turnout on the day with every available seat taken and everyone had plenty to say!

Dr Anthony Kelly, Chair of the Well Connected working group for this initiative gave a brief introduction to the workshop highlighting the collaborative approach to transforming care, for the people of Worcestershire. He explained why the current focus is on older people and the management of long term conditions and described a vision for the future of a care model  the with services being redesigned around the individual. He went on to describe the context for the development of Integrated Care Plans as one of several key initiatives within the County’s’ Health & Wellbeing Board 5 year strategy.

Well Connected Workshop

Our first two challenges on the afternoon was to ensure that everybody could share their own understanding of care assessments and care plans in the context of their own role as an assessor or as a service user or patient.

We then started to look at the detail of some existing assessments and care plans which had been collated from a number of sources with the aim of identify gaps which needed to be filled.

Everything that we heard on the day was captured so that we can start to create the user stories which will be used to develop our new tools and can be viewed here.

You said, we heard – Some Key Themes

Service Users and Patients told us that “finding your way around the Health and Social Care System is really challenging and it would be really useful to have a tool which helps to direct and connect people to the right people. This needs to include the services and support offered by the Voluntary Care Sector and local community support networks.

Although this event was to discuss integrated care plans there were requests which had also been highlighted at other co-production events to “improve communication at all stages of an individuals care journey” 

Workshop Speaker

A strong theme that emerged was the need to “remove duplication”. A number of service users told us that they have a number of plans and are subject to multiple assessments and that the outcome was uncoordinated care.

We heard people say that “a good quality, single assessment rather than multiple assessments is needed. This should be reviewed regularly, and should consider a person’s well-being as a whole person, both physical and mental. Care plans should also reflect the people’s home support network, family and neighbours who help them manage their condition everyday”.

We were told “how important it is for persons own health and wellbeing for their own assessment of their capability with respect to management of their condition to be considered”. “It’s my plan so I should have a say”. Some examples of successful self assessment tools were described.

While the focus for this work is adults with more complex health needs, we were encouraged to seek solutions which crossed age boundaries as the young adults of today are living in a world where technology plays a huge part in their lives. We were also asked to ensure that any electronic solutions that we develop are easy to use, visually engaging and reflect communication options which might also save costs such as on line chat features.

Well Connected Workshop

We were reminded that a person who might be the subject of a care plan may also be a carer themselves or have family responsibilities which needed to be considered but that this area was frequently not considered. Examples were given of how this creates stress and uncertainty at times of crisis which could be avoided if these were built in to the plans themselves.

These are just a few of the things that we heard.  We now have hundreds of statements from the workshop which take us one step closer to more integrated assessments and care plans.  If you would like to let us know your views then please take part in our survey https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/Z3RNY33

We are currently talking to people who were unable to attend the workshop so that we have a comprehensive list of user stories which we will be able to share during September to help us identify the best solutions to meet your requirements.

If you would like to share any further thoughts about this work, please contact James Wheeliker  our project manager for this initiative on telephone: 01905 766683 or via email: Jwheeliker@worcestershire.gov.uk

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Well Connected Assessments Word Cloud