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Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust
all you need to know

Hints and Tips for your application

Be very focused on the job at hand
When filling in your application form, please ensure that you read the job description and person specification, and tailor your application to each job that you apply for.

Give examples
Tell the recruiter WHY you are best for the job. Include things that you are proud of, things you have achieved, and key learning skills you have utilised.

Write well
Remember to check grammar, punctuation and spelling carefully. It might be worth drafting your application in Microsoft Word and copying to nhs jobs, and get somebody else to read over your application too!

Always get good quality references for your application. Please don’t use family or friends as references, and always ask the person that they are happy to give a reference before putting their name down.

Hints and Tips for interviews

Dress Appropriately
Make sure that you dress smartly and as you would in the workplace should you get the position. This means no jeans or leggings, no t-shirts, and make sure that you dont have low necklines, and skirts are knee length or below.

Show that you are the best person for the job
Now is not the time to start being modest. You will really need to sell yourself and talk up everything you have accomplished, but bear in mind you want to come across as confident, not arrogant.

Act Natural
Communicate with the interviewer, make regular eye contact, and RELAX. Make sure you arrive to the interview within plenty of time, but not more than 35 minutes before the interview is due to take place, as you don’t want to put the interviewer under pressure, but 10-20 minutes before is about right.

Read through the job description and person specification carefully, and prepare yourself for the questions you could be asked. Practice your handshake on a friend, or ask for honest feedback on your interview style. Be interested and alert, and always remember how you are coming across, slouching whilst chewing gum is not the way to get hired!