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Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust

Are we a good fit?

We want a workforce which is highly skilled and made up of staff who are appropriately trained and qualified. But we also want staff who live and demonstrate the values we as a Trust believe are so important. In short we want people who display integrity, loyalty and the courage to always do what is right, who treat patients as individuals and always put them first and are commited to the ideal of safe, high quality health services for patients and to good patient experience.

Our Values


Courageous: Displaying integrity, loyalty and the courage to always do what is right

  • Being a role model for colleagues

  • Acknowledge mistakes and learn from them

  • Be aware of when we need support and be able to ask for it

  • Honesty openess with colleagues


Ambitious: Striving to innovate and to improve through effective teamwork

  • Good effective communication - engage patients and service users in decision making

  • Be curious and challenge - why? what? where? when?

  • Challenge negativity

  • Share best practice


Responsive: Focusing on the needs and expectations of people using our services

  • Act on feedback

  • Learning from incidents and complaints

  • Understand expectations

  • Compassion

Empowering: Empowering people to take control of their own health & wellbeing

  • Open to new ideas

  • Give credit where it's due

  • Devolving responsibilities

  • Empathy

Supportive: Enabling our staff to achieve their full potential and take pride in the services that they deliver

  • Actively listening to staff

  • Support their emotional wellbeing including their personal wellbeing

  • promote a culture of openess

  • encourage

Answer These Quick Questions to See if Our Values Match:

Are We a Good Fit? - Your Details

Values Based Recruitment Process

Values will be incorporated into the recruitment process in the following stages: 

1. Job advertisement.

2. Job Description/Person Specification

3. Application process via the NHS Jobs 2 website by using pre-selection questions. If these questions are not answered, or they are not answered to a satisfactory level, then the application will not proceed to the shortlisting stage. The values based questions asked on the NHS Jobs 2 website will be changed at regular intervals.

4. Shortlisting of applicants based upon the values contained within the person specification.

5. Interview – values based questions will be asked of all candidates and these will be scored separately to the remaining interview questions which will focus on skills, experience and competencies. If an applicant fails to answer these values based questions to a satisfactory level, then they will fail the interview process.

6. Assessment Centre/Test (if used)

7. Service Users may at times be used in the selection process with particular weight given to their feedback on applicants values.

9. Pre-interview the point of contact person is able to talk to prospective applicants in terms of values as well as role competence etc. 

Video - Commitment to Great Service is in Our Hands