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Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust

Work Experience


As a Trust we aim to broaden the ways into training and employment in the NHS, especially to attract more young people and improve diversity within the workforce and increase the chances for people to try new experiences of working in the NHS.

Work experience provides opportunities within the Trust for individuals who may be school age, in further education or unemployed. The purpose of providing work placements in a healthcare setting is to ensure we continue to attract people to healthcare jobs and careers.  Work experience allows individuals to see what NHS jobs are really like and may confirm their career choice or open their eyes to other options not previously considered.  It is hoped that positive work experience opportunities promote the services provided by the Trust and are a good reflection on the Trusts role in community engagement and development.

Types of Placements Available

As we are a large countywide Trust we have potential opportunities across Worcestershire.  Placements can be in administration, patient facing or back office roles dependent on the type of experience you are looking for. 

More information and how to apply

If you are interested in applying for a work placement with the Trust please click the link below for an application form. This form should be completed and returned to WHCNHS.apprenticeships@nhs.net. Once we have this back we will signpost you to the teams or services that we believe is best suited to the type of placement you are looking for. Click Here for an Application form

If you are a school or college and have students that are interested in placements with the Trust then please contact us below:

work experience

Workforce Transformation Team 
Isaac Maddox House 
Shrub Hill Road 
WR4 9RW 
Tel: 01905 681677 
Email: WHCNHS.apprenticeships@nhs.net

Below are just a few case studies we have had back from students that have completed a programme of Work Experience with us: 



Grant Heywood

Grant spent one week with the Trust's Communications team in April 2015.

"I chose NHS Communications as my work experience placement as I enjoy writing and learning new things. On my first day of work experience, I went to a meeting with Beth about patient self-Management. This meeting was really interesting for me because I learnt about the relevance marketing and communications has to everything in the Trust.

I was then given the task of writing a press release. This was difficult at first as it is completely different to anything else you would write but eventually I finished writing one. I also worked with Kate in designing and making May’s edition of Team Brief. At school, I study Graphic Products for my GCSEs, so this was really good experience for me.  After this I started to write another press release. I have enjoyed writing press releases as it was interesting to learn about the topic I was writing about and also it is a new skill.

As I am a member of the Trust’s group the Youth Board, I wrote an article to be featured on the Youth Board website about what it’s like to be part of it. After writing this, I sat with Laura as she updated the Youth Board website. This was good because I was able to give my opinion on how the website looks from a member’s perspective.  

I have really enjoyed my time on work experience as I have learnt and developed a range of different skills. Being on my placement has given me an idea of what I would like to do in the future and it has been good experiencing the differentiation between school and workplaces."

Lily Anderson

Lily recently spent some time at Evesham Community Hospital....

"Working at Evesham hospital for a week gave me one of the best insights into medicine. During my time at Evesham, I worked in four of their wards. I helped out with the cleaning, care of patients and aiding staff with the general tasks. One of the nurses I followed was particularly kind to me after I had cleaned out all the phlebotomy equipment and three of the heart monitoring machines. She taught me about patient moving and handling and how to monitor a patient's blood pressure, heart rate, food intake and temperature. I also got a chance to watch the physiotherapists in action. It was a really enjoyable experience, I learnt so much about patient interaction and the daily lives of the hospital 's nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and social carers.

I met patients with a range of illnesses such as stroke, dementia, diabetes, and then those who were coping with the after effects of amputations and cancer. All the people, patients and staff alike, were so lovely to work with. On my last day I sat in with an exercise class where the patients sit in a circle and move in time to the music. I also shared a very joyous moment when three of the less mobile patients were able to practice walking again. We experienced an occupational therapist assisting the three men walk up and down the stretch of the room and encouraged them on. I believe that there cannot be anything more rewarding than seeing those you help improve.

Evesham has really inspired me to go onto a medical career. I intend to focus on bio-medicine as it will definitely be valuable job in society"