Preparing for Adulthood and Transitions

Every young person despite their needs should have equal life opportunities, including exploration of:

  • Paid employment
  • Higher education
  • Housing options, independent or supported living
  • Health
  • Friends and relationships
  • Community inclusion and choice
  • Control over life choices/decisions for them

Preparing for adulthood should begin to be explored in the early years, with the aim to encourage independence and self-advocacy (ability to express wants and needs) in all areas of their lives, particularly those that are important to them.

'We' as a service are passionate about supporting our young people and families/carers to be empowered to plan, problem solve and prepare for their move into adulthood to allow this to feel as comfortable as possible. Please see the below signposting for further knowledge and exploration of this:

‘All About Me’ Care Booklet

This document is for families and young people to adapt to their preferences, with details about the young person that others may need to know when transitioning between services, such as hospital admissions or appointments to new services/clinicians. Feel free to adapt and use accordingly. We have produced the booklet in a range of formats, if you require an alternative format please notify the team so your needs can be recorded and responded to.

If you have any queries, please contact your allocated Therapists. If you do not have an allocated Therapist you can also contact us on our OT advice line.

What is meant by Preparing for Adulthood?

What is meant by Preparing for Adulthood?

It is the process of supporting a young person and their parents/carers to transfer from children’s services to adult services.

It is a gradual process that gives you, and everyone involved in your care, time to get you ready to move to adult services and discuss what healthcare needs you will require as an adult.

This includes which services are best for you and where you will receive that care.
It is about making plans with you and not about you.

We understand that moving away from a healthcare team that you may have been with for many years can be scary but hopefully, by getting involved in the Preparing for Adulthood process, you will feel more confident and happier about the move.

Why do I need to move

As you get older, you will find that some of the things you want to discuss, or some of the care you might need is not properly provided by our children’s services.

Adult services are used to dealing with all sorts of issues that may arise.

You may also find that you would prefer to be seen in a more grown-up environment, rather than children’s departments or wards.

Can I chose where I move?

The Preparing for Adulthood process will help you look at where your on-going healthcare needs can best be met and how this will fit in with your future plans.

Who can help me get ready?

Your healthcare team will be able to give you information and support about moving on. They can help you get ready by:

  • Teaching you about your condition or illness, it’s treatment and any possible side effects.
  • Making sure you know when to get help and who to contact in an emergency.
  • Helping you understand how your condition or illness might affect your future education and career plans.
  • Helping you to plan for moving away from home if that is what you would like to do.
  • Discussing life skills that you may want to be able to do, for example, cooking, travelling on the bus or managing your own money.
  • Making sure you know about the support networks available.
  • Making sure you know the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

Your family

Your parents or carers have been really important in looking after you and your health needs so far and will know lots of information which may be useful.

While you are going through the Preparing for Adulthood process your parents or carers will remain very much involved in what is happening. Try to talk to them and your healthcare team about how you feel and discuss any questions you or concerns you may have.

While Preparing for Adulthood is all about you, your parents or carers may find this time difficult as they hand over responsibility to you.