Smoking in Trust buildings and outdoor spaces including car parks, gardens and any vehicles owned or leased by the Trust is no longer permitted. This includes the use of e-cigarettes or vapes.

The smokefree policy covers patients, service users, families/carers, contractors as well as temporary and substantive staff and also includes giving community staff, for example district nurses and health visitors, the right to request patients receiving a home visit to refrain from smoking in their homes while they are delivering care.

We recognise that smoking is a personal choice and we do not wish to discriminate against those who choose to do so. However we also have a duty to protect our staff and other patients and visitors, including those who are particularly vulnerable to the harmful effects of second hand smoke for example pregnant women, children and those with long term health conditions. We want to promote and develop a culture across all our buildings and sites that smoking is unacceptable, and that everyone respects this.

Support to help you quit smoking

Join the millions of people who have used Smokefree support to help them stop smoking. From email and text, to a free app and lots of other support, you can choose what's right for you. Visit the NHS stop smoking service website.


How are we supporting our patients who smoke?

The Trust will be supporting patients and service users through Nicotine Replacement Therapies (NRT) for example patches or gum.

The Trust will also provide smoking cessation advice to patients and service users in order that they can stop smoking and receive practical support whilst they remain in our care.


What will happen if someone sees me smoking on site?

A member of staff will politely remind you the premises are a no smoking area, and request that cigarettes are extinguished.


Are there exceptions to the policy?

The Trust Board recognises that some patients have circumstances that will require staff to make an assessment as to whether special arrangements need to be made so that the patient will be permitted to smoke on a Trust site. Permission to grant an exception will rest with the Service/Locality Lead or Associate Director for the SDU or nominated deputy and be formally recorded.